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Gym Content Marketing to Generate Leads and Convert Potential Clients

Content marketing is vital for any business these days! Gym content marketing is especially important because gyms often have lots of competition. Driving traffic and awareness of your gym is vital to staying ahead of the competition. Content marketing helps generate leads for your business and grow your mailing lists and database of potential customers to market to. The leads generated through content marketing are more valuable too! Through the content, you’re already establishing the potential customer’s interest in the in-depth information you are providing and showing them that your business means business when it comes to health and wellness guidance.

Why is gym content marketing important?

Gym content marketing is important for many reasons.

  1. It drives traffic to your website so that your potential customers can make their way down your marketing funnel to become paying members.
  2. Creating content to market establishes you as an authority on topics in fitness, wellness, and nutrition.
  3. That content will boost your SEO. This will help your site rank higher in web searches when people are looking for fitness centers.
  4. Content marketing is a multi-faceted method for developing your marketing strategy and ties in many forms of marketing to create an effective marketing strategy overall.

Search Engine Optimization is wildly important for one reason. It attracts attention to your business!

Your fitness business is fantastic for many reasons and your web presence acts as your medal case to show potential customers why you are the best place of choice for getting fit.

What forms of content to market?

These days, there is no limit to the type of content you create to share with members and potential members. The content you generate should tie together with all your marketing and advertising mediums.


Just about every business these days employs a blogging strategy to draw attention to their business. They also use it to share helpful information with both clients and other audiences interested in the company.

Blogging increases the likelihood of appearing in organic searches by 4x. This has a tremendous benefit for businesses like gyms and fitness studios. Often people use simple search terms for gyms and studios in the area and depending on your area, you could have LOTS of competition. Therefore, it’s extremely important to use blogging to simply rank in the first place.

However, when you use blogging in your gym content marketing strategy, you reap even more benefits. The higher referenced your blogs are, the better you rank as well. That means that when you share top-quality blog content and generate traffic to those pages, then more people are likely to reference your content when they write their own information on their websites or other pages on the internet.

When your pages are more highly referenced, then your domain authority goes up. When your domain authority, according to Google, goes up, then you are much more likely to rank higher in searches. Google establishes your site as an authority on topics and relevant information to google searches that people make.

Not to mention the importance of establishing your gym or studio’s credibility in all things health, fitness, and wellness. As mentioned before, the more you can inform your potential customers as they move down the funnel, the better apt they are to make a purchase when it comes to making the conversion.


Videos are one of the most popular forms of content these days and are great for generating links back to your site. They’re consumable and convenient and convey lots of graphical information to supplement written or spoken information. Millennials love them.

60% of millennials would prefer to watch a video to get up to speed with a company than read a newsletter.

Statistically, videos drive a ridiculous amount more leads than any other form of content. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text or images. Using videos in emails increases leads between two and three hundred percent! On top of that, videos are much more memorable for the average consumer. Think of all the video ads you have seen in the last few days. You probably thought of almost every single one. Granted, we are constantly being marketed to on just about every platform. So it’s important to increase the length of the awareness that the potential customer has for your fitness business.

Types of Video Content:

  • Explainer/How-to
  • Webinar
  • Live Stream
  • Product Demo
  • Company Culture
  • Testimonials
  • Influencer Content


Publishing regular podcasts is a great way to keep clients involved with your content because of its accessibility. For most other forms of content, more than one form of attention is required to retain the information. However, with podcasts, your members can listen while they are working out at your gym or studio!

You can convey more contextual and emotional information in podcasts because of the spoken word. This can make the information more powerful than just written blog content.

It’s also more personable! Often people listen to podcasts specifically because of their relatability and appreciation for the person speaking. Therefore, aside from the content, deeply consider who will speak on the podcast and why they might attract a crow\d of listeners. Could this person even have the potential to generate a following?


eBooks are a valuable source of information that prompts the user to give just enough information to generate them as a lead for your business if they are interested in your eBook content. Printable content and material do not provide this exchange of information making the interaction mutually beneficial in that regard.

Aside from lead generation, eBooks are more detailed in the content. This is because the author can compile multiple articles and forms of content into one place. With the ability to house a robust amount of information and graphics, much more value is placed on eBooks over any other forms of written content. Additionally, because they are hosted on the web, eBooks can include a number of different interactions through links and graphics.

Which content is most beneficial?

Right now, most marketers are using videos to market their product or service. However, this does not mean that using most or even all of the different content in your marketing strategy would not be beneficial for your business.

Equal use of all different forms of content will make your gym content marketing strategy much more powerful and informational. However, do take into account the popularity of videos when considering how to segment time between generating different forms of content.

What mediums for creating a content marketing campaign?

Content marketing campaigns have a powerful effect on connecting all the mediums your team uses for marketing. The strategic connection between these mediums helps generate more conversions. However, without a doubt, it is tedious to effectively market your content in this manner.

A content marketing method I have recently been roped into is downloading an eBook or guide and getting hassled for a demo after I provide my information. I browse the wild web looking for information for my articles or just for my own benefit. I then find interest in a downloadable eBook or guide that I want to learn or pull information from. In order to download the guide, I have to fill in some information about myself and the company I work for.

With that formatting, I just became a lead for their business. They now have multiple forms of contact on me, some information about my position at my company, and what industry I work in. From there I am added to mailing lists and can even be contacted for a demo/consultation of their software, product, or service.

All the mediums for sharing your content:

  • Email
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Website listings
  • SMS
  • Mail
  • Print Publications

Make sure your gym members involved!

After spending so long developing and creating a culture and community around your gym, you want to share about it. Even better, your gym members want to share about it. They probably already are! So let’s go over why you should rope all their content in and employ it in your fitness business’ content marketing strategy.

Use fitness hashtags and branded hashtags to rope in all the content that your gym members are sharing while at your gym or about your gym. Hashtags are a very simple way to organize the content that your fitness business posts and the content that your members post. In fact, it’s a great way to know what people are saying about your business anyways. Marketers call this social listening.

Social listening is an entirely different discussion outside of the realm of content marketing, but it also applies to gathering data on the reactions and discourse that your content marketing sparks. Social listening refers to the feelings, thought, opinions, and overall conversation that occurs with your gym or fitness studio in mention.

Overall, it’s an extremely important form of monitoring the feedback on what your gym is doing correctly, what needs improvement and gathering the overall attitude toward your business.


Creating quality content consistently will do your business more favors than you can imagine. Tying in the content together through different marketing mediums can thoroughly inform the customer and an informed customer is a much more valuable and loyal one.

Keeping both potential and current customers informed and updated about what’s going on within the fitness center and how the fitness center acts as a resource is the most important benefit of developing your gym marketing strategy. This establishes overall credibility in the eyes of the consumer and helps to convert those potential customers into paying members of your gym or fitness studio.

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