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How To Improve Performance in the Gym

Want to make sure that you get the most out of every minute spent at the gym? Then ensure you are doing these 9 things before, during, and after your workout. Below we discuss 9 tips on how to improve performance in the gym. 

Some of these simple pieces of advice will immediately boost your training performance. Others will help you with long-lasting results.

1.    Be Hydrated, Rested, and Well-Fed

The most effective workouts are usually only possible if you have had enough sleep, a nutritious meal, and plenty of water.

If you make yourself go to the gym when you’re exhausted, you will increase your risk of injury. If you’re dehydrated or have not eaten the right foods, then you simply won’t have enough energy to exercise. Furthermore, your body will struggle to recover after such a workout.

Do your best to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Additionally, drink enough water, and eat slow-digesting carbs before the workout. 

It goes without saying that you should not go to the gym if you feel sick. Working out when you are not feeling well could hamper recovery time.

2.    Ensure you are properly fueled

Make sure your body has enough fuel in order to workout effectively. Often, this means having proper nutrition in the hours leading up to it. Fasted workouts are a thing and can be beneficial. NHowever, you will often feel more energy and strength if you have had enough nutrition leading up to the workout.

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Pre-workout isn’t necessary but sometimes it can give you a boost of energy that will help you keep going harder for longer. It may also increase focus and help you feel a bit more motivated to finally get to the gym. If you do take pre-workout, take it about 20 minutes before you exercise. Pre-workout may give you more energy during your workouts.

If you’re not sure which pre-workout you should use, click here to see the most effective and commonly used pre-workouts on the market.

3.    Change Your Workout Clothes

Investing in workout clothes that you like the look of can improve your overall performance at the gym. When you look good, you feel a lot more confident. Confidence, in its turn, can give you an extra energy boost. 

Proper athletic gear and clothing can increase comfort, improve breathability, and in some cases may also help prevent injury.  It’s also a good idea to make sure these clothes are easy to change into and out of. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes in the locker trying to piece your workout outfit together, right? Plus, you should search for a local gym – this way, you can leave home wearing something comfortable that’s easy to get out of.

4.    Listen to the Right Music

If you manage to come up with the perfect playlist, the music may boost your workout performance and motivate you to exercise for longer. 

High-tempo, high-intensity music can improve your mood, reduce your perception of fatigue, and even increase your heart rate. 

When picking the songs for your workout, pay attention to the tempo. Anything between 140 and 180 BPM is great for high-intensity training, the beat rate between 130 and 150 is amazing for weightlifting, and the songs with 60-90 BPM will help you cool down after the workout.   Try out some wireless workout headphones.

5.    Have a Personal Trainer or Training Partner

Personal trainers can keep you motivated, make sure you are not wasting time an effort on less effective exercises, and educate you on all things fitness.

If your just starting out, a personal trainer can help you train more effectively and safely. They can also help you reach your goals faster. Even if you are experienced, personal trainers also help motivate you and keep you on track. If you haven’t found the right personal trainer yet, working out with a training partner can be helpful. It can be fun and make the gym a more enjoyable experience. However, the main reason why exercising with a friend will boost your training performance is that you’ll both hold each other accountable.  

The truth is that you are less likely to miss a workout if you have a training partner. And this will eventually help both of you reach your fitness goals. 

6.    Always Warm Up

The chances of you accidentally hurting yourself in the gym will drastically decrease after you have had a nice 10-minute warm-up. 

Furthermore, these warm-up exercises increase your heart rate, improve muscle elasticity, and activate the connections between your muscles and nerves. 

7.    Keep the Focus on the Muscle You’re Training

When you actively think about the muscle that you’re targeting during the exercise, you will be more focused on feeling each rep and doing it correctly. 

Don’t allow your thoughts to wander during your gym session. If you focus on the mind-muscle connection, you’ll be able to boost overall muscle activation and will ultimately become stronger. 

8.    Set Training Goals

Setting fitness goals is incredibly important as that’s the only way in which you can measure your success and achieve tangible results.

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Having a goal for every workout, for the month, a few months, and a year has quite a few psychological benefits. 

With these training goals in mind, you can show yourself what you’re capable of, you are able to hold yourself accountable, and you might find it easier to push through the more challenging moments. 

9.    Cool Down After the Workout

After your workout, you have to give your body at least 3-10 minutes to cool down while you do some stretching exercises or more gentle variations of the movements that you would typically do during the workout. This is yet another tip in how to improve performance in the gym.

Cooling down will allow you to slow your heart rate down and finally start feeling a bit more relaxed. During this process, your body will start restoring itself to its normal condition which, in its turn, will help prevent injuries (such as muscle tears) and reduce the buildup of lactic acid.

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