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Artificial Intelligence in the Fitness Industry

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have penetrated almost all industry verticals, and the healthcare domain has been an early adopter of AI. Further narrowing down the healthcare niche, there is already extensive use of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry. This is particularly apparent in personalized health and fitness. At a time when the field of personal health seems demanding, fitness freaks look beyond their personal health coaches. Why not count on technology for personalized health and fitness with highly tailored exercise products and diet recommendations available?

Personal trainers have been early to harvest the intelligent insights generated by AI. Banking on the treasure troves of knowledge resources, they offer more customized workout plans that prove effective for their clients. 

Why are AI-backed apps gaining popularity in the personalized health and fitness field?

Given that AI is capable of tracking your diet, lifestyle, fitness, and performance, you can count on tailored guidance and advice on your sleep, diet, energy level, and exercise schedule. Besides, AI apps generate real-time feedback to help you tweak your performance.

Do you know that the revenue generated by fitness apps got a 54% boost in 2021 amidst the pandemic? This happened when the world witnessed extensive lockdowns, and personal trainers were not available in person to monitor your fitness goals. A good portion of this growth is from apps that personal trainers use to help clients succeed.

artificial intelligence in the fitness industry graph
The above graph shows the growth in revenue of the AI-backed fitness app market from 2016 to 2021. Source:

How relevant are AI apps for personalized health and fitness?

So what is the effect of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry? There’s no denying the health benefits of engaging in physical activities. The WHO has acknowledged the importance of physical activities in managing and preventing diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Individuals who lack adequate physical activities are 20% to 30% more susceptible to death compared to physically active people. Over 80% of the adolescent population across the world fails to remain physically active.

Now that we are living a hectic lifestyle where it’s challenging to find quality time for personalized health and fitness, AI apps have proven to be the rescuer. A few clicks on your smartphone can help you and your trainer with customized exercise and diet plans, and even track your fitness level.

How is AI revolutionizing the personalized health and fitness industry?

Let’s take a look at how AI is making a visible impact on the personalized health and fitness industry.

AI fitness applications

Well, you must already be familiar with AI-backed fitness apps and wristbands. The potential of AI in the personalized health and fitness industry is already being tapped. The following AI-backed technology can be used by personal trainers and their clients to more effectively and efficiently help clients reach their fitness goals.

  • AI-powered exercise motion analysis technology like that in FitSW that verifies clients are properly doing exercise when trainers are utilizing online personal training.
  • AI-backed nutrition apps offering personalized diet recommendations
  • AI-powered fitness tracker products and wristbands for monitoring your heartbeat, distance walked, etc. 
  • AI-integrated footwear for addressing personalized needs
  • Yoga suits backed by AI for choosing accurate postures and monitoring movements
  • Smart assistants for health clubs and gyms

AI in diet planning

Diet planning constitutes a core aspect of personalized health and fitness. Integrating AI apps into your dieting efforts can streamline your journey. Reputed developers train these apps with relevant health-related data. These apps seek inputs from the users like age, weight, physique, etc. 

You also need to convey your dieting objective to these apps, like attaining a certain weight or gaining body mass. Accordingly, intelligent systems recommend the food of your choice and dieting habits to help you achieve your fitness goals.  

Most importantly, personalized health and fitness apps enable users to choose their preferred diet plans. This includes non-vegetarian, vegetarian, carbohydrate, or protein-rich diets.

 With tailored diet programs, you can plan the right calorie intake. Smart systems are capable of mapping your progress, hunger, and tiredness before predicting the outcome. Accordingly, they offer personalized recommendations and replicate real-life coaches. 

Improving performance

Do you use fitness bands and other intelligent gadgets to cruise along to your fitness goals? Smart tools are trained to evaluate a wide range of criteria and generate trustable insights. Considering your height, weight, and food habits, these tools succeed in improving your performance. This is yet another emerging use of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry.

From time to time, you can change your fitness goals to achieve the desired level of performance. To aid you, clubs and businesses focussing on personalized health and fitness are already using these AI-based features to draw more clients. A scientific approach to dealing with your health and fitness turns out to be much more effective.

Exercise at any hour of your preference

One of the most practical upsides of using AI in personalized health and fitness is your liberty to choose the right slots for exercise. Clients can still work with their favorite trainer without having to be in person all of the time. Apps for personal trainers, allow the trainer to be accessible to clients from anywhere and allow the trainer to provide fitness plans that the client can do anytime and anywhere with guidance from their app. These fitness apps remain at clients’ fingertips as they carry their smartphones wherever they go. This brings much-needed flexibility as they can count on the app at their convenience and check the exercise demonstrations out. Their handset simply needs an internet connection to open up these resources.

So, even when clients are traveling or are remote, they can stay on track with their fitness plans.

AI-backed personal trainers

How about using AI for personalized health and fitness to save time and money? Moreover, not everyone can afford to meet with an in-personal trainer every day of the week. AI-integrated fitness apps allow clients to train online with a trainer at a reduced cost because online personal training is generally less expensive. Trainers can still provide exercise plans and guidance through the app. Additionally, they can use AI motion analysis to judge client exercise form without being there. Therefore, they can provide their services at extremely reasonable prices.

Along with these, you have smart wearables and clothes to improve your fitness levels and enhance your performance.

Wrapping Up

Growth expectation of AI-driven personalized health and fitness apps. Source:

As AI-backed apps continue to streamline the personalized health and fitness industry, these smart systems are likely to make an even more powerful impact on our lifestyles. By 2030, the fitness app market size is likely to hit the magical $30 billion mark

Just like any other industry, the field of personalized health and fitness hasn’t lagged when it comes to AI adoption. As a personal trainer, expect to utilize intelligently trained systems to save time and more effectively train your clients!

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