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How To Make Fitness Your #1 Priority

When trying to find balance while maintaining a hectic schedule, it’s easy for exercise routines
to get lost in the shuffle. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make exercise your
number one priority. After all, it fuels everything you do in your daily life. Aside from scheduling
weekly workouts on your calendar or phone that can be so easily neglected, here are some
steps you can take to ensure that you make fitness a priority.

Make Fitness A Priority By Working Out In The Morning

It’s one thing if you simply have to work in exercise when your hectic day allows it, but if you’ve
got the flexibility in your schedule, plan your workouts in the morning. This gives less wiggle
room for making excuses for not working out when unexpected things arise throughout the day.

Put Money In Your Corner

If paying to work out is going to make the commitment more meaningful, then do it. This is
especially true if you pay a personal trainer upfront because this is another great way to
promote accountability. You can also invest in online personal training to have as a backup
when you unexpectedly have to be at home.

Hire A Personal Trainer

What better way to make fitness your top priority than by having someone who will hold you accountable and push you to be stronger and healthier? Not only will a personal trainer motivate you to hit your fitness goals, but they’ll also be a great resource when it comes to guiding you through proper fitness routines and making sure you’re spending an appropriate amount of time on each exercise you do. Additionally, personal trainers can help people on all ends of the fitness motivation spectrum—whether you’re a beginner or experienced athlete, you’ll absolutely benefit from working with a trainer.

Make Fitness A Priority By Setting Reasonable Goals

Start out slow and work your way up. Consider what would be your ideal goal for the month,
then actually set the goal a little lower. If you really want to lose 12 pounds in a month, shoot for
eight. Setting reasonable goals helps protect you from disappointment, the number one culprit
of giving up. So, allow yourself to revel in progress instead of aiming for perfection. If you
happen to exceed your reasonable goal, the experience will be even more rewarding.

Create Windows Of Opportunity

Another great way to add to your backup plan for exercising when something takes you by
surprise and you can’t leave the house is having a few DVDs that you can choose from. In
addition, according to House Method, you don’t have to go to the gym to work out. You can
create a space right in the comfort of your own home. Use a spare room, garage, or section of
your living room as your home gym. Certain times of year can also make keeping fitness a priority more difficult. There are many ways to still prioritize fitness during the end of year bustle.

Reward Yourself For Making Fitness A Priority

Give yourself something to look forward to after hitting each goal. Knowing that you’re going to
get a massage at the end of a month if you reach a goal you’ve set, for example, is a great
incentive. If it makes it easier, reward yourself in smaller ways every week to keep your
momentum going. Exercising is a great acknowledgement of gratitude for your body, but make
sure to balance things out with other forms of self-care.

Partner Up

It’s always more motivating to work out when you know you’ll have someone there to cheer you
on. Making plans to exercise with someone else also holds you more accountable when you feel procrastination coming on. Not only do you want to let down a friend, you also don’t want to
miss out on valuable social time.

Are you ready to make fitness a priority? Take a look at the tips above and get started on your
fitness journey.

About the author: Kay Pascale is a writer from Durham, NC. When she isn’t writing about health or the latest wellness trends, she enjoys practicing yoga, going on long walks with her dog, and traveling on the weekends.

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