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How to Send a Link in Chat (Android)

Make sure your clients have all the information they need to reach their goals by sending links in chat. You can even use this feature to make more sales and get your clients to share more about your fitness business.

First, find the messages option in your Android menu.

messages option in Android Menu - FitSW Fitness Software

Click on the messages option brings you to your client list. From there, click on the client you wish to send the message with a link to.

Personal training client list in Android Messenger - FitSW Fitness Software

Once you have chosen the client you would like to share the link with, you can type out your message and the link using the www._____.com format The link will become live upon sending the message.

You can also copy and paste links into the chat with ease!

Send links in chat to personal training clients using the Android Messenger

Clients can simply click on the link and to take them out of the app and onto the page you have sent them.

Updated on May 20, 2021

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