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8 Best Websites to Purchase Commercial Gym Flooring

Commercial gym flooring is one of the biggest decisions you have to make when opening or renovating your gym. Choosing what to purchase and where to purchase it proves to be a daunting task. That’s why we have, once again, researched the top # best websites to purchase commercial gym flooring.

We will also cover the importance of choosing the right flooring for your gym or studio’s needs. It’d be a shame to spend your hard-earned money on flooring that will not be pleasing to your members nor be durable for the long haul. The two most important factors to keep in mind are the budget and the training/equipment focus.

Factors to consider when purchasing commercial gym equipment

First, you want to be sure you’re making a good investment for your gym overall. The durability of the floors you purchase must be enough to withstand years of foot traffic, dropping weights, bodily fluids, drinks spilled, heavy machines, moving equipment, and much more.

If personified, gym floors have to be the Superman of the place. They should be able to withstand the test of time and many, many people participating in a wide range of different exercises.

That being said, they should also be hygienic meaning that they are easy to clean and do not hold bodily fluids or grime over time. Many rubber flooring that is recycled is porous and will collect fluids, dirt, and bacteria without any comprehensive way of cleaning it thoroughly.

Gym floors also have the duty of reducing noise and vibrations. Can you begin to imagine how disruptive your gym experience would be if the floors did not absorb the shock and noise of weights dropping? It would be terrible! The point being, flooring is also imperative to cultivating a good gym experience for members aside from just the aesthetics.

Members want to be comfortable completing floor workouts for things like calisthenics, yoga, and pilates. You can increase shock absorption and comfort on your members’ joints by installing an underlay. This will also increase the longevity of the flooring you choose.

Types of Flooring

Rubber Mat

Rubber flooring is the most popular for box gyms and health clubs where free weights are common. This is the most durable flooring and can be used for a wide range of activities. You have a few different options in the type of rubber and many different options for color.

For the different types of rubber, you can choose from virgin or recycled. Virgin will be much more expensive as opposed to recycled. For the install styles, you can purchase interlocking tiles, rollout rubber in bulk, or tiles requiring manual sealing.


This is the second most popular type of flooring for gyms as this is great for agility and plyometric exercises. The benefits of using turf are that it is easier on the joints and provides good traction for exercises.

Additionally, it is incredibly durable in a different way than rubber is. You will not have to worry about scuffs or eyesore marks on the ground when you use turf. Turf often comes with infill, the small rubber granules. Look out for this feature if you do not want those spread out across your gym floor.

Wood or Laminate

I don’t know who needs to hear this but do not use wood or laminate flooring for your free weights area. You will need a replacement on your flooring faster than you can even pay it off.

Commercial wood flooring comes sprung to reduce fatigue from prolonged standing and add a little pep to the step of your pilates class participants. Wood floors are often used for training classrooms and dance studios.

Sprung flooring has a wood or laminate top layer, but has foam and underlay to give a sense of a spring/cushion for gyms that host Zumba or dance classes.


PVC matting has many benefits and is a great choice for gyms with minimal free weights. With its anti-slip properties and seamless tile-lay, it is great for aerobic workouts like yoga and pilates.

Where to purchase commercial gym flooring

Rubber Flooring Inc.

Rubber Flooring Inc. - Commercial Gym Flooring

If you want plenty of options to choose from, then this is the source for your gym flooring needs. This site has one of the most robust arrays of options for commercial gym flooring. If you own a gym that will serve multiple different functions for members like aerobic classes, strength training, boxing, or anything else, then this will be a one-stop-shop to get every inch of your gym floor covered with the right material.

Rubber Flooring Inc. also has monthly deals to take advantage of so that you can keep a little extra money in your pocket.

Information is a priority for this company. You will find buyer’s guides for almost all of the flooring that they offer so that you can make informed decisions.

Armor Proxy

Armor Proxy - Commercial Gym Flooring

Armor Proxy excels in custom solutions for gym flooring. With big-name clients like the Patriots under their belt, Armor Proxy can help you get the right flooring to fit your gym’s needs. Armor Proxy produces many of its flooring solutions and backs their flooring quality with a 25-year warranty.

Custom solutions will cost more than purchases made on your own accord. Armor proxy provides installation with the purchase of their flooring. This can save you time and regret if you were to make an uninformed decision about what your gym needs.

Armor Proxy specializes in many different applications of flooring and epoxy coating, so they do not have as many flooring options for gyms other than the rubber SupraFlex. However, this rubber comes in many different colors to fit your branding.

Fit Floors

Fit Floors - Commercial Gym Flooring

Fit Floors has all the options you need for commercial gym flooring. For the do it yourself solution, you will find all of the basics you need to furnish your gym with the right flooring. Unlike many other sites, here you can find carpet tiles to complete your gym floor.

Fit Floors sells rolled rubber flooring and underlay for easy gym floor installation. You will also find interlocking tiled rubber mats. Other tiles include aerobic flex tiles, carpet, turf, and sports flooring for courts.

Iron Company

Iron Company - Commercial Gym Flooring

Iron Company provides a good mix of the aforementioned sites with custom flooring options and all types of flooring to choose from. They set themselves apart from the competition because of their easy to find supplementary flooring pieces you might need to add the finishing touches.

You will also find an array of cleaners and adhesives specific to your floor’s guidelines. Through this site, you can buy all of the items you need to do an install yourself or you can hire their custom solutions, team.

Other than flooring, Iron Company can meet all of your gym’s needs for just about anything else in terms of equipment, storage, and tools. Iron Company will stock your gym from start to finish.

Keifer USA

Keifer USA - Commercial Gym Flooring

Keifer USA focuses on offering custom solutions for gyms specific to sports. Therefore, if you own a gym that caters to a specific population of athletes, then this site is worth a visit.

Adolf Keifer, a former olympian and gold medalist swimmer, decided to dedicate his life to improving the training conditions of his fellow athletes. Keifer provides premier sports gyms solutions for any type of gym you can imagine.

This company also distributes commercial flooring for many other types of businesses including health club and studio gym rubber flooring.

US Fitness

US Fitness - Commercial Gym Flooring

Want to see your gym in 3D? Well on US Fitness’s site, you can place and play with different flooring designs to fit the needs of your gym. You no longer have to just rely on the mental image or some detailed, time-consuming sketches.

On this site, you will find an easy breakdown of the steps you need to take to match the right flooring to your gym. US Fitness sells flooring to fit a wide range of needs from rubber to wood to turf. You’ll find rolled-up rubber options to tiled options ranging in shock absorbency. Each type of commercial gym flooring has a breakdown of the specific uses and data from their applications.

Not to mention, with each option, you have an array of colors to choose from or custom branding purchase options.

Rubber Flooring Direct

Rubber Flooring Direct - Commercial Gym Flooring

Rubber Flooring Direct offers simple solutions to the needs of your gym by selling recycled rubber in three tiers. You can purchase rolls or interlocking tiles. Regardless of your choice, this company provides American-made recycled rubber with a detailed breakdown of all the pros and cons of each choice.

They offer custom solutions for branding weight rooms and turf. A benefit to their turf is that there is no infill so you will not have to deal with the messy rubber particles spreading throughout your gym.

This option is about as direct as it gets with your commercial gym flooring solution. A good contender for providing a simple, easy to install gym floor.

Great Mats

Great Mats - Commercial Gym Flooring

This website is all things mats. Catering to many different types of gyms, Great Mats has solutions for sport-specific and calisthenics gyms. Great Mats has the most options for interlocking tiled gym flooring.

This company does not provide professional installation, but you will find a detailed guide at the bottom of the page about each type of flooring and its general installation difficulty.

If you find the same style of flooring at a better price, then Great Mats will price match to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Keep an eye on Great Mats’s clearance section to watch your favorite products for price reductions.


The type of gym you’re purchasing flooring for will help narrow down what flooring you’re searching for. This article should help narrow down the funnel of where to search for the flooring to fit your gym’s needs.

Keep your budget, time, and manpower in mind when deciding what type of flooring to purchase. Installation can be extremely easy and quick or very time-consuming.

This is an investment that will need to last you for many years to come, so make sure that you get a decent warranty on your product as well. Nonetheless, your floor will have to stand the test of time and the dedicated gym-goers that will be contributing to it with hard work and sweat.

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