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Sell Merchandise as a Personal Trainer

FitSW has always made it easy for personal trainers to accept payments for services. Now, we make it easy to sell merchandise as a personal trainer. What kind of merchandise? Anything! You can sell your clients specific supplements, clothing, fitness gear, or any other gear right on FitSW. You can do all this without having to setup a separate website and store.

Sell Merchandise as An Additional Revenue Stream

As a fitness coach or personal trainer, we know you love to train people and help them reach your goals. However, you can also add an additional revenue stream without much extra work. At the same time, you can actually help your clients in their success, promote your business, and help you acquire additional clients. FitSW’s new merchandise feature makes this easy for you with just a few clicks. Below we will talk about the merchandise types we have seen other trainers have success with. In addition, we show you how easy it is to get setup on adding an additional revenue stream.

Merchandise Types to Sell

There are all sorts of merchandise you can sell as a trainer to help your clients and promote your business. Below we outline just a few we have seen trainer have excellent success with.

Selling Clothing, Water Bottles, and other Gear

Your clients or followers probably love you and your brand. Consequently, they will often want to buy water bottles, custom t shirts, hats, and other clothing from you with your brand on it. This can be a great way to promote your business. If someone asks them about their clothing, they will often love to talk about the progress they have made. Specifically, they will talk about their personal trainer and how you have helped them. Consequently, it’s a great way to expand your reach to potential new clients that your clients interact with in their daily lives. If you are helping your clients, they will love to promote you.

Selling Exercise Equipment to Fitness Clients

If you have a lot of online training clients or even in-person clients that you give homework to, there is probably some exercise equipment that will make their online workouts more effective. This could be things like resistance bands, yoga mats, exercise rings, TRX straps and more. If you have 30 clients that each would buy an item, you can often get volume discounts on the particular item. Therefore, you can then sell these items to your clients to make it easy for them to purchase the correct equipment. Additionally, you add another revenue stream for yourself at the same time.

Selling Supplements to Your Clients

There are thousands of supplements out there. However, you as the personal trainer often know what really works for which clients and which goals. On the other hand, its difficult for clients to sort through the noise to know what supplements they should be taking.

It can be overwhelming for clients and often they won’t try anything. Or worse, they may purchase the wrong things if left to search on their own. However, you as the trainer may have a specific supplement stack (specific protein powder, vitamins, etc) that you recommend for particular clients. In this case, if are able to purchase supplements at wholesale rates for several clients, you can offer these as a type of merchandise. We have seen some trainers be very successful in packaging supplements with an introductory training offer for their clients. This way, the client will have everything they need to start turning their health around.

How to Sell Merchandise as a Personal Trainer

The first step is to get setup to accept payments as a personal trainer which only takes a few minutes. Once you are setup, go to the “Financials -> Merchandise” page seen below.

Sell Merchandise as a Personal Trainer Page

From there you can add your first merchandise item by tapping “Add New Item”. You can specify the item name, add an image to be displayed, add a description, and set the price. You also have the ability to make the merchandise active or inactive if you need to.

Sell Merch as a Personal Trainer adding item.

That’s it. You can now sell merchandise as a personal trainer! In other words, your item can be purchased by your clients or potential clients on your trainer page. Additionally, they can purchase if they login and go to their “Financials -> Merchandise” page seen below.

Purchasing Merchandise From Personal Trainer

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