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6 Reasons Why You Need to Create Workout Videos

These days, workout videos are gold for trainers and coaches. People learn in many, many different ways. As a trainer, you must be able to teach your clients through different mediums to cater to their learning. Let’s be honest. It’s challenging to write a perfect description for a complex exercise. Most people will probably not understand a step by step direction without being able to visualize the movements.

This would be similar to requiring that ballerinas learn to dance through a bulleted list of steps. Kind of ridiculous, right? Your clients are no different in this respect. They need as much guidance as possible to complete exercises safely and effectively. Workout videos help save you time in the long run and embellish your client’s resources used in their fitness education.

Workout Videos Exemplify Correct Form

The key issue that many trainers face when working with clients virtually is ensuring that they maintain proper form. If you create workout videos to share with your clients and attach them to the workout, then they can follow along. Through the video, you can highlight the importance of completing the workout in proper form.

If you use workout creator features in an app like FitSW, then you can attach videos to the exercises you create to ensure clients complete assigned workouts safely.

Man doing the pigeon pose - Safe exercises
Ensure that your clients workout safely by sending them workouts with video demonstrations.

With workout videos, you can make them as simple and as complex as you would like. The amount of instruction you want to provide is up to you. However, don’t forget that this is the perfect opportunity to deliver vital information to your clients to help their progress. Therefore, practice a script or talking points before you start filming the video. Make sure you cover all the information that is necessary for them to complete workouts safely and effectively.

Workout Videos are Convenient For You as a Trainer

Workout videos can help you reach your clients much more efficiently and give them the information they need. With one video conducting a workout, you will be able to share that with all of your clients and not need to instruct each individual client. 

Workout videos are a supplement to the information you need to share with your clients. This means that if your client has specific needs, then you can share the video with a follow up written instruction for them to understand. 

If your clients are having trouble understanding how to do an exercise, then they have the ability to watch and re-watch the video. This saves you time in repeated instruction. This is where it, once again, is important to include everything you want your client to understand about the workout in the video. 

Workout Videos for Content Marketing

Trainers and coaches have the hardest time setting themselves apart from their competition. Creating workout videos to post to social media and other platforms is a very effective way of exemplifying your coaching ability to potential clients. This also establishes credibility with them right off the bat showing them that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Therefore, you will already have an advantage over your competition. 

Videos are also much more engaging than static posts, so people will be more likely to pay attention to your post. This can help you boost conversions on purchases for your services. 

Workout Videos Can Increase Leads - Oberlo Infographic

An increase in leads at this percentage will make the return on your workout video investment worthwhile. Videos are fun and easy to share. Imagine how many people could come into contact with your video content if you advertise them on your social media platforms. Workout videos are particularly apt to sharing when forming a sense of community around fitness.

You can also use these videos for paid advertising on websites and social media. This might take a little bit of learning for editing skills, but there is enough content out there to last you a lifetime of learning.  Video marketing can be quite effective now and we expect this to continue into the future.

Repurpose Videos

Video clips hold a great deal of value as you stock up on them. Often, when creating new videos, its time consuming to start from scratch. As you create more workout video content, you can reference them in new videos and piece together elements from others.

Reuse Clips from other Workout Videos
You will run into content gaps for future videos, so never forget about the content that you have already created and can reuse.

You can even use clips and audio from older videos to fill in those pesky gaps in your content. Other items to pull from videos are stills as you are moving through the motions of the workouts. These can be included in your written content or for graphics on social media posts. Fitness marketing relies heavily on visual learning.

When creating these videos, you should follow a certain style and theme to the transitions and other design elements you include. These elements are reusable assets that you must use in other videos to maintain consistent branding.

Make Playlists in a Series for Continued Education

Videos open the doors for a series of content for your clients to follow. Get creative with ways that you can follow a flow of information from one video to the next. The more popular your workout videos become on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, the more opportunities you will have to sell your services.

This plays into your brand recognition and awareness. The more content you have out there, the better off you are to become more widely recognized. A series of workout videos in snippets can be used to create a whole advertising campaign showing all aspects of what you have to offer as a personal trainer.

Reach More Clients More Often

By creating workout videos, you can reach more clients, more often with the time you save on repeated instruction. Your time as a trainer is extremely valuable. Any way that you can save time creates more opportunity for you to reach new clients or spend more time with others who need it.

People completing workouts - Save Time With Workout Videos
Give more value to your time with clients by cutting out the redundancy of explaining repeated exercises.

Either way, your business will run more efficiently when you have more time to run it. This means that any video you create whether it is related to workouts, daily motivation, or nutritional coaching will benefit your efficiency in the long run.

Obviously, creating these videos and assuring their quality will take some time, but they will be useful to you for years to come. Inarguably, reusable content is extremely valuable. We see this example in using apps for personal training where trainers can save their workouts, programs, and meal plans to their libraries to assign to clients as they come and go. 

Creating workout videos for repeated use can almost be considered an example of automation. The use of videos to aid in workout assignments allows you to automatically provide the information to clients that they will need without you needing to get involved. 

The idea behind workout videos is to answer questions before they are asked and to supplement the work you do in person. For example, if someone is not able to meet with you for a session at a particular time, you can just deliver them a detailed video instead for them to follow when they make time later on.


You will have fewer missed opportunities for meeting clients at their needs when you create workout videos. Videos generate opportunities for you to exemplify your work to potential clients and reduce the work with current clients. With that being said, videos hold a lot of engagement value for sharing and re-watching. 

Get creative and start practicing immediately for filming and editing videos. Getting started is the largest hurdle before becoming successful with your workout videos. 

Stay tuned for a follow-up article on tips and tricks to video editing for personal trainers!

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