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FitSW Updates 2.26.2021- Compliance Tracking and Help Centers

A couple of updates to keep trainers and clients up to speed with compliance and health data from wearable technology.


Clients can now view their current 7 day compliance right in their dashboard. As important as it is for trainers to keep track of client compliance, clients need to do the same!

Tracking your own compliance as a personal training client provides more motivation and gives a better idea of what you have accomplished!

Compliance charts for personal training clients on web

Android (Beta)

Help Center

If you have questions, you won’t have to do a whole lotta’ searching for the answers. We have added access to the help center right from your Android phone, so you can get solutions right away!

You will find the help center in your main menu by clicking on the button in the top left corner of the screen.

Help Center on Android for Personal Trainers and Clients

Google Fit Updates

Data, data, data… Data’s importance in fitness coaching or personal training is significant. That’s why we are continuing to add options for data sharing between Google Fit and FitSW.

The more data that is tracked and charted automatically, the less time trainers have to spend on doing their own manual tracking. We understand how time consuming it can be to track and chart metrics on more than just a couple of trainers, so use this to your advantage!

Clients can control these settings through their account settings and then by clicking on the Google icon.

Share Google Fit Data

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