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FitSW Updates 3.19.2021 – Compliance Dashboard and More Automation


Gym Compliance Dashboard

We have also extended the compliance dashboard filtering for gyms on the web. Now gym account managers can filter data easily between gyms, trainers, and clients, and drill down to choose a specific client. You can also hide any accounts that do not have any data to clean up loose ends.

Extended Gym Compliance Dashboard (web)

Schedule Group Messages

In a dream world, you can put in all the work write up and schedule things like emails, messages, assignments, and much more to clients and then have an app automate the delivering of those things. Then you can sit back and relax a little bit or spend all that extra time working on acquiring new clients.

Oh… wait.. It must be a dream world because you can do all of those things in FitSW now! This week we developed a group messaging scheduling feature, so you can schedule all important messages for your clients to your heart’s desire. Leave less room for them to miss a beat in their training routine.


Client Compliance Dashboard

In the client dashboard, clients can view their overall compliance for all event types. This is a great way to keep clients on their toes with completing assignments! Nobody appreciates seeing red in their progress status.

Clients can filter their compliance by day range from 7-days to 30-days to custom.

Compliance Dashboard on Client iOS


Last week, we announced that iOS was getting a fresh way to view events for trainers and clients both. Now, Android is getting the same upgrade.

Now, trainers and clients can view all upcoming events and assignments in a calender view, making it easier to stay on track with progress and assignment completion. You can filter the calendar by even type and change the dates as necessary.

Calendar View for workouts and nutrition on Android

Clients can now enroll in programs marked “selectable” by their trainer! This is a feature we rolled out on web first, but are excited to make available on Android. Therefore, clients can enroll in a program easily right from the mobile app. Ideally, trainers will make more sales and be able to use this feature to acquire more clients with on-demand fitness options.

Categories like gender, nutritional preference, and training goals like exercise type can filter programs.

Clients Enroll in Fitness Programs on Android

Client Compliance Dashboard

Moreover, clients can view their weekly compliance for the last 7 days right in their dashboard. This makes it easier for them to know where they are doing well in completing their training for the week and where they need to step up.

Client Compliance Dashboard on Web

Please leave us feedback down below and reach out to us with any questions you may have! Read our past updates to the app here.

Join the FitSW Android Beta on the Google Play Store so you can test out new features before they are fully released to all users!

Oh! We can’t forget to mention that we have expanded our exercise library for trainers and now have the following available for use in building workouts:

Banded Kettlebell Swings – 
Burpee Box Jump –
Cable Chest Fly –
Clean –
Double Cable Pressdown –
Hang Power Snatch Overhead –
Glute Cable Kickbacks –
High Cable Curls –
Hollow Rocks –
Single Leg Step-ups –
Kettlebell Clean Step Back –
Kettlebell Pullover –
Kneeling Front Raise Plate –
Rear Delt Single Side Cable Fly –
Side Plank Overhead Toe Reach –
Reverse Squat Press Squat –
Side Plank Forward Toe Reach –
Single Leg Reverse Squat –
Single Side Cable Shoulder Press –
Svend Press –
Toes To Bar –
Wall Walks –
Wide Bicep Curls –
Wide Straight Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts –
Landmine Squat –
Med-ball Push-ups –
Monster Walk Side Squat –
Outward Facing Cable Curl –
Power Clean –
Prisoner Pull-ups –
Single Side Lat Pulldown –

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