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FitSW Updates 4.23.21 – Adding Events from Calendar View


Adding Events from Calendar View

Trainers now have the option of adding events directly to the client’s calendar! Adding events from the calendar view means that they would be able to quickly create and add nutrition plans, workout plans, and tasks directly to the calendar view. This way you can add all events quickly to each client instead of navigating between tabs on the mobile app.

Adding events from calendar view

Message Attachments

Message attachments are now available on iOS. This way trainers and clients using the iOS mobile FitSW app will be able to share those awesome progress photos, motivational graphics, and more.

Message attachments in FitSW Messenger

Communication is the number one most important factor in good client-trainer relationships! Therefore, sharing images is a great way to share more information and updates through in-app communications.

Fill and Marking Complete

Trainers and clients can now fill in results from the workout page on iOS. Filling results allows the user to quickly input the total results for each exercise. Instead of going through each individual result, you can simply press fill and the totals for each exercises’ reps, weight, time, and rest will automatically be filled in.

Fill and complete exercise results

Also, clients and trainers can now mark each individual exercise as complete throughout the training to better track compliance on each workout routine.

Stay tuned to the FitSW blog for more updates and announcements every week!

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