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FitSW Updates – 5.7.2021 – Custom Email Branding and More


Custom Email Branding

A branded experience from start to finish is key to cultivating a memorable experience for your clients. That’s why we are now offering custom email branding for all automated messages in the app.

Provided with your purchase of custom email branding is:

  • Your own logo
  • Link to your own, branded login page for clients to use when onboarding (if already purchased)
  • Links to your own mobile apps (if already purchased)
  • Specify your own custom automated welcome email to be sent to new clients.
  • Logo applied to all automated emails sent for onboarding, events, schedule updates, and messages.
Custom email branding in FitSW

When logged into the app, navigate to to purchase your custom branded emails today.

Group Messages by Tags

You already put in the tedious work of grouping your clients with tags, so why not use those tags to send groups of clients messages? After all, organization is key to a healthy and efficient business.

Using Client tags to Send Messages

When sending scheduled messages, trainers can group clients by their tags to quickly identify who will receive the message. You no longer need to scroll through your list of clients to find the right ones and memorize who you need to send the message to.

Links in Chat

Need to share more information with your clients? Well, you can do that in the app with clickable links in the chat. Supplemental information never hurts to provide, so feel free to share anything you want from the web.

This is helpful for just about anything you would like your clients to know.

Just built out a new package? Send them a link to your trainer page so they can quickly make a purchase. Looking to switch gyms you train your clients at? Send them a link with your promo code so they can sign up for a membership with a discounted rate.

The possibilities are endless with link sharing!

Android (Beta)

Sign up for the beta today in the Google Play Store!

Loading Earlier Messages in Chat

Need to reference something you sent a client a couple of days ago, well now you’ve got the receipts. Load earlier messages in your chats by scrolling up in the chat.

This helps to hold both you and clients accountable for information, dates, cancellations, and more.

Metrics and Progress Categories

If you have been training with FitSW for a little while, then you most likely have quite a bit of progress data to track. With long metric lists and lots of progress graphs to match those metrics it can take a bit of time to scroll and find the ones you need to reference.

Categories have been implemented so that you can filter through the metrics and progress you want to find with ease.


Touch ID and Face ID

Passwords are becoming a thing of the past with biometrics on mobile devices. Users can quickly log in using Face ID or Touch ID (for those with older models of Apple devices).

Upon opening the app for the first time after updating, you will be asked if you would like to allow FitSW to used Touch ID or Face ID to log into your account.

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