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Growing a Fitness Community in FitSW

Community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Where we come from and who we surround ourselves with affects our success in a tremendous way. Therefore, building a community around your fitness business is the best way to ensure your client’s success and your own success.

Automating and integrating every tool you might need when managing your clients is part of what we do to help your business grow. Blogging, live classes, creating custom packages and subscription plans are the tools that can help you cultivate a good connection with clients. Each one of these features contributes to the larger community that we are a part of at FitSW

We are proud of our team of gyms, studios, and trainers all working together to make a lasting difference in the lives of their clients. Now, more than ever, the world is turning its focus on health and fitness and we want our team to be on the frontlines. 

Blogging for Your Fitness Community

This growing community has a vast wealth of knowledge that can be shared with the world which is why we wanted to provide you with the blogging tool. You can share your knowledge with just your clients or anyone on the internet. 

Health as a topic n overall theme of a blog

As with everything in life, communication is the most important part of the relationships we create, and blogging is a great way to do that with clients. Discourse and seeds of thought are what push us forward as a community and can be a real source of inspiration for one another. Not only is it helpful to your clients, but it gives your clients a reason to discuss and connect with each other.

If your clients are having a hard time keeping up in the live classes, then turn to your blog and share some insight. Personal training is not complete without a little bit of life coaching. This is the importance of integrating all of these tools. You can essentially make an interconnected community of resources out of your business. In turn, this adds to the larger community that is FitSW. 

Live Classes for Your Fitness Community

There are so many ways that live classes can cultivate a sense of culture and community in your business. Right now, we have trainers completely running their business online and doing better than they ever have before. 

We are no longer bound by the physical. You have the chance to reach more lives than ever and make a deeper impact on the ones you have been working with already. More than that, this gives your clients the opportunity to motivate and inspire each other.

Live Classes in FitSW with Live Chat Feed

In these strange times, we want you all to take the lead in our live class fitness community. Keep your clients engaged from afar! Have fun with it and create good experiences out of these classes by hosting competitions or letting everyone get to know each other by hosting a group meeting in this feature. There are so many different ways that you can utilize features like this one to meet your needs.

Personal training made more personal

Customizing and selling subscriptions and packages to your services is a great way to stimulate engagement and investment in your business. Communities are developed around shared interests and values, so creating these custom packages and subscriptions allows you as the trainer to orchestrate the shared values of the community you create in FitSW.

This also gives clients the opportunity to connect and share with each other. Working out is often easier if you have a little support from your friends and family. Customize packages and subscriptions that clients would want their peers to join them on. You can do this by getting a little feedback from your clients and maybe offering a promotion for bringing their friends in. This helps them stay motivated and you grow your community.

In Summary

There are many different features that contribute to growing a fitness community around your business. All of these features can be used in unique ways so that you can find the workflow that is most effective for you. Just get creative and get a little personal with the people you work with and you will see your business flourish using FitSW.

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