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FitSW Updates 4.16.2021 – Message Attachments and Client Tags


This week, we are excited to introduce a feature that many of you have been waiting for, message attachments!

Now, trainers and clients can send message attachments to one another. Right now, this feature is only available on the web app but will be coming soon to Android and iOS. Attachments are limited to images as of right now. If sending a GIF, it will take the first frame of the GIF and send it as an image.

Share progress photos, training demo images, pictures of the awesome meals you cook, screenshots of recipes, and so much more!

Messages attachments on Web FitSW


You can now tag clients on iOS. This feature was originally introduced on web, but is now available for editing and viewing on iOS.

iOS Personal Training Client Tags

Client tags help you to better segment and group the clients who have relevant key indicators of their training style, diet, Their progress, and so forth. Use tags to help you better organize and manage your clients on the go. Just open up the client’s profile and scroll down to the Add Tags section.

For example, if you onboard 5 new clients this week, then tag them “New Client” So you can quickly find who you need to follow up with more consistently in the following few days.


Client notes are now available on Android! Now personal training clients have the ability on all platforms to add notes at the bottom of their events like workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks. Clients can let their trainers know what went well and what didn’t or just give them a little feedback on what they need/want out of their next assignment.

Personal Training Client Notes on Android

Client – trainer communication is imperative! Take advantage of this extra medium for getting the feedback you need to keep your training efficient and effective.

Join the Android Beta from the Google Play Store today to get access to features before they are released to all users.

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