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How To Keep Online Training Clients Motivated

Motivating your online training clients can seem like a daunting task, as you never, or rarely, meet with them in person. But, there is a reason that online personal training has been growing rapidly. Because it works. Motivating your clients is an important part of making our online fitness programs successful and there are many strategies you can use. These methods include scheduling weekly calls, assigning tasks/goals, and showing them their progress.

Weekly Calls

Holding weekly calls with your clients is a great way to motivate them. Having your clients hear you (and possibly see you) is a great way to connect with your clients. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to show your clients that you are a fitness expert, as hearing is much more convincing that reading. Reading your fitness programs through software can still have a great effect on clients’ motivation, though it’s important for them to feel engaged.

On these calls, you can talk about things such as:

  • What worked with the training program?
  • Is there anything that didn’t work with the training program?
  • Were there any highlights about the week?
  • What were their struggles this week (not just with the fitness program)?
  • What did they enjoy or dislike about the training?

These are just some examples and you should make them personalized for your online training clients. However, using weekly calls like this can have a huge impact on your clients and really push them to the next level.

Assigning Tasks For Online Training Clients

Your clients have probably already told you what they are hoping to achieve through your training. Additionally, you’ve created a fitness program for the long-term goal. However, what about short-term goals? Tasks can be a great way to help your clients achieve their short and long term goals.

Assigning tasks for your online training clients is a great way to keep them motivated. This may be the extra push they need to achieve their fitness goals. Some examples of tasks you can assign your clients is:

  • Take the stairs at work
  • Sleep for at least 7 hours
  • Drink at least 5 full cups of water
  • Do not put any sugar in your coffee

These are merely examples and you should personalize each task to your client’s goals. However, creating tasks is a great motivational tool. They can keep your clients on track and help them towards their long term and short term goals. Additionally, creating them is easy with the use of personal trainer software. Your clients will have a list of all of the week’s tasks whether they are on their computer or phone.

Exercise Progress/Assessment Graphs

exercise progress for online training clients

Exercise progress graphs and assessment graphs are great for keeping your clients motivated and engaged. These graphs take the data from the results of your client’s workouts and automatically inputs them into beautiful looking graphs. Additionally, taking bicep measurements, BMI, and other assessments are also input into graphs.

Both you and your clients can see how they are performing and it can be a powerful motivational tool. If they miss a workout and start losing progress, you’ll be able to show them. If they’ve been staying on track and getting closer to their fitness goals, you can show them that too!

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