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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: Generating Leads for Your Personal Training Business

Developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy might just be the puzzle piece you have been missing in the growth of your business through lead generation. 58% of marketers say that lead generation is the most important goal of digital marketing. With a few different options for lead generation marketing and ample room to show off your business and your skills, LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for connecting with people inside and outside of your industry. In fact, there are 433 million people worldwide using LinkedIn.

Connecting with people of all backgrounds broadens the horizon of generating leads for your personal training business. Not to mention LinkedIn makes it possible to connect with people who can take your business to new heights with better pay, better connections through higher-paying clients, and an opportunity to expand your network quickly.

First Impressions With LinkedIn Marketing

A LinkedIn marketing strategy holds a special kind of power and advantage over marketing on any other social media platform. The air of professionalism that is put forth and valued on LinkedIn makes for a well-established sense of initial credibility. LinkedIn houses many different resources for professionals to use to connect, find employers, find employees, share knowledge, and receive it.

With the combination of all the aforementioned, you as a personal trainer have ample opportunity for generating leads. You even have the power of putting your personal training services in front of the eyes of well-paying potential clients. If you had ever wondered how to get rich as a personal trainer, then here is your opportunity.

LinkedIn is filled with business executives who live busy and stressful lives. You have the unique ability to help relieve the effects of their fast-paced, relatively unhealthy habits formed out of working tirelessly.

Keep Your Profile Polished

Those who come into contact with your profile must leave with an impression of your personal training brand. Therefore, you must have a cohesive design and message tying your business page and your profile together. Your profile is where you can express your personal values and reflect on them with the passion that led you to form your business.

Aesthetics are important when it comes to the personal training industry. So make sure your headshot and your cover image are attractive, representative images of your professionalism. Show the world how nice you clean up!

First impressions matter, so make sure all information listed has good grammar and the right tone reflecting the way you carry yourself and regard your clients.

For example, expressing your business value this way:

“I think it’s important for our generation to slim down and toughen up! Through hard work and tough love my clients crush their goals with ease.”

Might not be as appealing on LinkedIn as it would on Facebook to a specified audience.

To express your business values well on LinkedIn, you could instead say:

“As obesity rates rise, it’s imperative that we take action to slim down and shape up. Through hard work, dedication, and a bit of elbow grease, my clients become their happiest, healthiest selves.”

Make More Connections

The more connections you have the more credibility you build on LinkedIn. Each connection you make represents another professional who recognizes your accomplishments and skills. These connections allow you to generate high-quality leads with potential clients and get referrals from others who are aware of your services because of your LinkedIn profile.

The power of networking is quite beautiful really. Using LinkedIn to make new connections with people automatically increases your appearance in recommendations for other professionals on LinkedIn. There is a limit to how many connection requests you can send within a week on LinkedIn but LinkedIn automation software like LinkedHelper offers several ways to invite 100 people every day. Making connections on this platform is not limited to just the profession you work in, you can make connections based on skills, schools, employers, and location.

The doors are wide open to touch base with people of all backgrounds. With that kind of power, you have many, many more opportunities for business partnerships and generating leads for your personal training business.

Connection Levels

Connection levels appear on linked in next to the names of potential or current connections. In short, this tiered system maps the connections you have and could potentially have in relation to the professionals in your network.

First-degree connections are when someone is directly connected with you. These are the people who are in your primary network because they have either sent you an invitation to connect or you have sent them one.

Second-degree connections are people who are connected to your first-degree connections. Converting them to the first degree simply requires that you invite them to connect and add them to your primary network.

Lastly, third-degree connections are people who connected with the people second-degree to you. Essentially, these people connected with people who are second-degree to you. These people circle around your outer LinkedIn network and could be of value to you!

Now you can imagine how vast and endless the connections you make on LinkedIn are. Thus, the potential for developing and employing a LinkedIn marketing strategy holds a good deal of power for generating leads for potential clients.

Build Out Your Business Page

Your profile on LinkedIn establishes who you are and what you have accomplished throughout your career. It establishes the credentials you have to succeed in your business endeavors. However, it does not reflect the ins and outs of your entire personal training business.

As for the business page on LinkedIn, this is where you can showcase client testimonials, the history of your personal training business, and a detailed description of the services you provide. This page is where you originate the messaging for marketing. It will generate new leads and share your mission and business values.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - ACE Fitness Business Page
ACE Fitness business page on LinkedIn.

With a business page, you can utilize and source your digital marketing efforts. With different options for running ads, you will are capable of pinpointing the goal of the ads and making them highly personalized to attract the clients you can best serve.

LinkedIn Marketing Options using a Business Page

LinkedIn marking for business pages has many similar capabilities to Facebook marketing. If you have used Facebook marketing for your fitness business before, then you should not have any problem designing and employing PPC campaigns on LinkedIn.

The audiences you can target with ad campaigns on LinkedIn are often decision-makers. Decision-makers are those who are well established enough to hire a personal trainer for themselves or a personal training business to meet the needs of their company.

Corporate wellness programs are becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes, so

For those of you who are not familiar with PPC campaigns on Facebook, then here are a couple of articles to get you up to speed before taking on LinkedIn:

When creating ads, they will be sent to ad auctions for placement. You set your bid on the ad placement when initially designing the ad. That bid will then be submitted in competition with other trainers and fitness businesses bidding on the same placement. More money down on the bid makes your ad more competitive, but that does not mean that you will get the same return on your money.

You could be losing money on bidding high if your ads are not performing well. This could be an issue with your audience not being specified enough or your ad not having an attractive design or messaging.

Native Ads

Native ads are graphic in nature and display an image, video, or carousel for LinkedIn users. Ads with graphics are the most engaging out of any other form of advertising. Video content is highly popular among marketers and consumers as well. 87% of marketers say that videos give them a positive return on their investment. Therefore, consider adding some video content into your marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - Native Ad

Native ads are good for raising awareness and employing a call to action to generate and convert leads.

Sponsored Messaging

A key feature in LinkedIn’s sponsored messaging ads is their conversation ads. Now the rise of the chatbot and user-controlled experience has become a key player in marketing. LinkedIn users can actually choose their own path for the conversation. They hold the power to choose how they are marketed to.

After all, most consumers want more personalized ads. So what better way to attract attention to your personal training services? You can ask potential clients about their levels of activity, stress, fitness, and grab their attention and meet their needs. As a society, we grow tired of buying and seeing products that we very loosely need.

Personal training makes a distinct difference in the world. So, when you can get right to the pinpoint of why the potential client would even consider personal training, then you are better able to sell them your training when it can meet their very specific needs.

This acts similarly to chat automation that Facebook employs for their Messenger to converse with clients and attempt to convert potential clients in the background.

Regular message ads, however, are static messages that are delivered to the customer with the intent of raising awareness or generating leads.

Text Ads

These are the traditional PPC ads that you would find on Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. Their application on LinkedIn is very similar to all other applications of PPC text campaigns.

Moreover, text ads revolve around keywords relevant to LinkedIn user profiles, searches, and business pages. Therefore, you can specify an audience based on demographics, keywords, and relevant information like certifications, experience, etc.

Dynamic Ads

These ads in LinkedIn marketing are ones that change based on the effectiveness and relevance of delivering specific ads to specific groups. IT acts as a sort of automated A/B testing. This way, your ads stay competitive and require less hands-on work and management.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - Dynamic Ads

Additionally, these ads provide objective options. You can choose to tailor the ads to lead generation with downloadable content. This would be a perfect way to employ content marketing of a fitness eBook or questionnaire for potential clients.


LinkedIn is a resource that you can dive into for a while, so consider developing your LinkedIn marketing strategy now rather than later. This will keep you ahead of the competition and you will need to take some time to figure out what is working best for your business.

This has been a general overview of what LinkedIn offers in terms of making impactful business partnerships and growth. Stay tuned for more articles on the ins and outs of LinkedIn marketing strategy for your fitness business.

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