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FitSW Updates 5.14.2021 – Event List Changes


After a while, those workout and nutrition plan assignments add up in the event list. It can become difficult to pinpoint a workout that was completed any period of time ago but is important to reference for progress. The same goes for any nutrition plan with specific foods that you just can’t remember the name of and need to find again.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

Event list updates with flexible searches and more filtering options

Now, the event list is even handier than before with some changes to the specifications you need when entering a search term. The search no longer requires an exact match but anything close to it will make your desired event appear.

More filtering and sorting options are also available for the event list for clients to narrow down their search. Happy searching!

Android (Beta)

New Menu Organization

The main menu has a bit of a new look! All options in the main menu have been categorized and grouped for easier management and navigation.

New Menu in Android Beta

Group Messaging by Client Tags

Use client tags to choose who will receive group messages and scheduled messages. You no longer need to sort through your whole list of clients to choose who will receive specific messages. You have, after all, put in the elbow grease for tagging clients to better organize and manage your dashboard!

Messaging by personal training client tags in Android Beta

Metric Progress Levels

Now clients can track their levels through progress and metric tracking. This is an extension of progress tracking graphs and data tables simplified look at how they are levelling up to reaching their goals. This creates a new way for trainers to assign challenges and set actionable goals for their clients. Not to mention, clients can set goals for themselves to reach levels as they move forward with their training programs.

Levels on Android

Have fun and get creative with this awesome new progression tool!

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