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Live Video Classes for Personal Trainers is here.

The month of April was another busy month for FitSW. And yes, you heard the blog title correctly, we have released live video classes for personal trainers. We have released this plus a couple other features we think we are all excited about so let’s get started.

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Live Video Classes for Personal Trainers

Live video classes for personal trainers - screenshot of the portal to create a class.

We have officially launched live video classes. With each class, you have two options.

  1. A Group Class – this class type is for groups of 6 people or less. Each person gets the option to have their own video feed.
  2. Broadcast class – this class type is for groups 6 and 200 people. It’s much larger. Only the trainer gets a video feed.
Live Class Editor for Virtual Fitness Classes in FitSW Fitness Software

However with both options, there is a live chat feed everyone can participate in to simply talk about the class or ask questions.

As the trainer, you have many options when creating the class. You can set the date, the time the class occurs, and the duration of the class (up to 2 hours long). With each class, there is a 10 minute buffer. So you can join up to 10 minutes early and stay in the class up to 10 minutes after the scheduled end time.

For example, if you have a class start at 2:00pm and end at 2:30pm, the earliest you can join the class is at 1:50pm and you can stay in the class until 2:40pm.

Additionally, you can also set a price for admission to the class or set it as free to attend.

Live Fitness Class with Audio and Video in FitSW Fitness Software

Push Notifications on iOS

On iOS we have rolled out push notifications for the messaging feature and plan to expand push notifications to other features in the app as well.

As of right now, when you are exchanging messages with a client, you will get a notification on your iOS device.

Just like we are planning to expand this to other feature in the iOS app, we do plan on adding push notifications on the android app as well.

New Android Release

We also have also released a new update for the Android app. Here’s the latest info:

  1. Usability improvements.
  2. User requested features.
  3. Ease of use improvements.

Have any questions about the most recent updates?

Reach out to us at or message us on our social media channels.

3 thoughts on “Live Video Classes for Personal Trainers is here.

  • Gemma Harvey

    I have people who attend my classes but aren’t a PT client, so therefore don’t have the app (where as my PT clients do) how would I invite them to a live class? would they need to download the app? and there doesn’t seem to be a class option on the ios app, only on the desktop version? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello, if you want to offer classes to someone who is not a PT client on FitSW you can make the class “Public” when you are creating it. This enables it to be seen on under Live Online Classes. They don’t need to download an app – they can access it right from

      You are correct, there currently is not a class option in iOS. We have released it in our Desktop Web App first and we will be releasing in Android and iOS soon.

      Thank you

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