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Exercise Program Management for Gyms

FitSW has now added exercise program management features for gyms! For a while now, FitSW has allowed you to create multi-day programs. We outline how to build multi-day programs in our help center. However, we now have built new features that allow gyms and trainers to better manage these multi-day programs.

Fitness Programs at the Gym Level

Fitness Programs complete with workouts, nutrition, tasks, and auto-messages can now be created at the gym level. This is in addition to us still allowing trainers to create programs at the trainer level. This means that as a gym, you can create your fitness program one time at the gym level. All your trainers will be able to access it. Only you as the gym will be able to edit it, but your trainers will be able to view it and assign it to clients. So no more having to have each of your trainers build the same exact program. Just build it once and you will have a standardized copy. Your trainers will also be able to copy it to themselves if they want their own copy. They can then modify their copy as needed. More on that later.

As a gym, you can access your Fitness Programs through the “Libraries” menu as seen below.

Exercise Program Management for Gyms

From there you can create a new program, use our program templates, or even copy your program to one of your trainers as seen in the below image.

Even as a gym, you still have the same functionality that trainers have with respect to Assigning Programs to clients, viewing existing assignments, and even setting up the ability for clients to be automatically assigned a program as they are onboarded.

Trainer Program Management

Your studio trainer accounts and gym trainer accounts also keep all the previous functionality, but now have additional options. They can now filter programs by the program owner as seen below. So trainers can view all programs associated with the gym and its trainers, just their own, or even specific trainers.

It is a great way to allow your trainers to share programs with each other. They can then copy programs exactly or copy to themselves and modify as needed. It will save your trainers a ton of time, and allow them to learn from eachother to create new programs. Trainers can also create and assign programs through our iOS app for personal trainers and Android app for personal trainers.


Gyms or Studios and their trainers can now save a ton of time. The gym can create master programs that trainers can utilize or copy from. Trainers within the same gym can copy from eachother and use each others templates but in a way that they can be sure their own programs in their library aren’t modified. We are excited to bring you this feature to further build out our exercise program management functionality.

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