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New Online Workout Creator Features

New Online Workout Creator Features

We recently released new Online Workout Creator features including superset capabilities, click & drag re-ordering, and a new layout for both desktop & mobile viewing of  Check out the below video for a demo of all the features.

New Online Workout Creator Feature Details

Create Supersets with Ease

You can now easily create supersets in your workouts with as many exercises as you would like.  See the above video for an example or follow these instructions:

  1. Once you have added your exercises, click on the “Superset” button that is right next to “Add Cardio”
  2. You will then see checkboxes to the left of all of your exercises.  Check all the ones that you would like to superset together.
  3. Click the orange “Superset Selected” button which will create a superset of all the exercises you selected with an orange border around it.  See below:
  4. If you want to create another superset, repeat the same steps for your other exercises.
New Online Workout Creator Features: Supersets.
New Online Workout Creator Features: Supersets. View after clicking “Superset” button. Check the box for all exercises you would like to superset.
New Online Workout Creator Features: Supersets Step 3
Step 3 View: New Online Workout Creator Features: Supersets. This is the view after clicking “Superset Selected” button. You have now created your Superset.

Drag & Drop to Change Exercise Order

You can now quickly re-order exercises using drag and drop.  Simply click on the arrows to the left of each exercise and drag to where you would like to move the exercise.

New Online Workout Creator Drag and Drop
Click the arrows to the left of each exercise and drag in order to quickly re-order exercises.

New Workout Creator Layout

The new workout creator layout enables you to clearly understand each field for each row whether it is an exercise, cardio or superset.

Selecting the exercise is also improved and allows you to view the demo of the exercise as you are adding it.  There is also a tab at the top called ‘Add New Exercise” which allows you to quickly Add a New Exercise on the fly while you are creating the workout.

New Online Workout Creator Improved Layout
New view for adding exercises. Allows you to see demos of exercises as you are adding them. It also enables you to quickly Add New Exercises on the fly.

Standard Workout Creator Features

The above improvements augment the following features which already existed:

  • Repeating Workouts: You can easily create workouts that repeat on any schedule you would like.  Every x days, or certain days of the week.
  • Exercise Library: We have a library of over 500 exercises with demos.  Use these or easily create your own exercises with your very own demos.
  • Sharing workouts with clients: There are numerous ways for you to share a workout with your client.  Automatically email it at the click of a button, print the workout easily, or enable clients to pull it up on their computer, phone, or tablet through or our iOS app or Android app.
  • Copy existing workouts: Save time by copying existing workouts to new clients and easily making the customized changes that are needed.
  • Favorite Workout: Create a list of favorite workouts which can easily and quickly be copied and customized to any of your clients.
  • Track workout completion with the “Complete” checkbox and comment/share feedback on workouts along with your clients through the website.
  • Mobile Optimized Views: We have recently created a special optimized layout for mobile so that it’s easier for you and your clients to view information on through a phone or tablet.

4 thoughts on “New Online Workout Creator Features

  • Wow, could you make that demo any more blurry when you blow it up from the mouse size you show? Come on, it doesn’t look like you are serious.

    • Jessica

      The issue has to do with your youtube settings. If you change your youtube settings you will be able to see everything crystal clear. To do this: Click on the Setting button in the lower right of the video and then select Quality -> 1080p. Let me know if you need any other help.

  • Is it possible to download and use my own video’s in the app for my clients?

  • @Edu, Yes we allow you to link to your own custom videos. Just upload them to youtube or wherever you prefer and copy the link into your exercise list. From then on, all instances of the particular exercise will have your specific selected videos.


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