Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Updates

Recently we have released several updates to our Exercise List and Food List features for our iOS app, Android App, and our website. We have added the Exercise List and Food List display screens to Client accounts. Secondly, we have added the ability to see the personal trainer exercise demo video on the edit exercise screen. Additionally, we have added a new way to enter exercises and foods on the website among other things. Below are more details on these updates.

Exercise List and Food List For Personal Trainer Clients

In our latest app releases, we added the Exercise List and Food List screens. Previously only trainers could see these screens but now clients can as well. Unlike trainers, clients do not have the ability to update the exercise list or food list in our mobile apps. Specifically, clients can not add, edit or delete foods or exercises in these list in our apps. Only trainers can do this. Clients can, however, see demos or information links. They can also add these foods or exercises to diets or foods they are logging if they are granted permission by their trainer. As always, clients can also create their own food lists and exercise lists on the website at if their trainer has granted permission for this option.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video in Exercise LIst and Info links in Food List.
Clients now can view the Exercise List and Food list. Trainers are still the only users that can update these lists.

Exercise Demo Videos and Food Info Links

We also recently added the feature to view any personal trainer exercise demo video or food info links right on the Edit Exercise or Edit Food screen. This makes it easy for trainers and clients to view the demos or info links without having to add the exercise or food to a workout / diet first. Just click the view button on the screen:

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video View Button
If you or your client want to see an exercise video demo, just click the “View” button on the Edit Exercise screen.

Adding Exercises and Foods to Personal Trainer Library

We recently updated the interface for adding exercise or foods to your library. We have improved these screens so that you can now update exercise or foods using a modal window. In contrast, previously fitness coaches had to edit these items in place. This gives users more room to enter information and allows them to see everything they are entering better. This is especially helpful when entering a long personal trainer exercise demo video link.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Website Exercise Library Entry
Modal windows make entering or updating exercises and foods easier.

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