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Workout Planner Section Headings on Mobile

You have been able to add workout planner section headings for a while now on the website. You and your clients have also been able to see these headings in the mobile apps recently as well. Now, we have added the ability for you to create, modify and reorder headings directly from the mobile app. Headings are a great way to break up the workout into sections like “Warm-up”, “Cool down”, or however you would like to organize them. This is yet another workout builder feature that makes it easy for you to build and organize your client’s workouts.

Viewing Section Headings on Mobile

Neither you nor your clients need to do anything special to view heading on mobile. If you have added headings to a workout, you will be able to see them. See below for an example in grey.

workout planner section heading view

As you can see this breaks up the workout more for your clients to help them understand specific sections. Of course, it is not required though.

Adding Workout Planner Heading Sections

Now that we have shown what section headings look like, we will show you how to add them on mobile. It’s very similar to how you do it on the website. First, get into the Edit mode of the workout. You will now see a new button called “+ Header” as seen below.

workout planner section heading edit mode

Clicking on this button will bring up a modal window for you to enter your new heading. We have made it extremely flexible. You can enter something simple like a single line that says “Warm-Up”. Or you can create multi-line headings with lots of descriptions. It’s up to you! Below is what this modal window looks like. Keep in mind that when you add a new section heading, the app will add it to the bottom of the workout. You will be able to move it around if you need to. More on that later.

Editing and Deleting Heading Sections

To edit a heading section, you just need to be in workout edit mode and tap on the specific heading. This will bring up the modal window where you can edit the heading.

To delete a heading, simply swipe left on the heading similar to how you would on an exercise. You will then see a delete button that you can tap on.

Moving Heading Sections Around

As mentioned earlier, new heading sections will be added to the end of your workout. If you would like to move headings around once they have been added, simply tap the “Reorder” button. You will be able to reorder both headings and exercises to put them in the order that you would like.


Section headers are a great way to divide workouts into multiple sections. This can make it easier for clients to follow along. It will be clearer to them to know when they are in the warm-up, cool-down, or any other section of their workout.

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