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New Personal Trainer CRM App Features

We are excited to announce some new personal trainer CRM app features that we have brought to FitSW trainers. You likely already know what CRM tools are in general. However, if not here is a quick overview of what CRM means. CRM is critical to growing your personal training or studio business. Its helps you manage how clients proceed through your marketing funnel and turn into revenue generating customers.

The CRM tools that a personal trainer needs to use are often quite specific and different from the CRM tools that a normal business would use. That is why we have built some specific tools that will be helpful specifically for an individual personal trainer. Additionally, we have built specific tools that will be helpful for a gym or group of trainers.

We know that personal training is hard enough! Adding in marketing, communicating with potential future clients and onboarding them can make running your own business confusing and overwhelming. We have heard your feedback and are placing focus on developing tools that you can use to automate some parts of growing your business. 

CRM in the Prospective Clients Menu

The first way that we are doing this is with the addition of Prospective Clients. A prospect client is a client who you are in contact with, but isn’t officially one of your clients yet. Therefore they don’t count against your account level total. Prospect clients have been around for a few months, but this new system allows them to have their own login. That means you can use the FitSW messaging system (iOS and Web) to communicate with them. Then, when you win them over with your impressive personal training skills you can convert them to a client with a click of a button. 

Currently, there are a few ways that you can gain a prospect client. The first way is that you can manually go in and create one, just like you can for a client. Just head to the growth menu on either the website or iOS application. Tap the add prospect button to create one. This is also the menu where you can manage them or edit and save their information. Finally, you are also able convert them to an actual client when the time comes. 

Prospective Clients personal trainer crm

Trainer Profile Page Chat

The rest of the ways come from your trainer profile. If the user uses the chat bubble on the bottom right or fills out the intake form with your custom questionnaire, they will receive an email with a temporary password to login to the app. Then you will see them pop up on your growth dashboard. This information will be shown along with their answers to the questions or receive their message in your chat. 

personal trainer crm connection

Trainer Profile Page Purchase

The last way that a prospect client can be created is if someone tries to purchase one of the things on your personal trainer store. If they successfully purchase something, they will automatically be created as a client (Though for packages you can turn that off). If the purchase is not completed for some reason, they will be added as a prospect client, and you can follow up with them.

Future CRM Features

These Prospective Client features are just the first phase of personal trainer CRM app improvements that we are releasing in the near future. Growing your business through FitSW has never been easier and will continue to get more and more seamless and powerful. Future updates will include client pipelines and a prospect dashboard where those clients can sample some of what you offer (you choose what) in order to help you convince them to become a client. If you have any thoughts or ideas for these updates, we would love to hear them! Please contact Start taking advantage of Prospect Clients to grow your business today!

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