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Personal Trainer Chat Room Improvements

We have added several personal trainer chat room improvements recently to save you more time when using our website. Not only that, but these features also help you better communicate with clients. First, you can now reference specific items like workouts, tasks, and other items directly in the chat. It’s now extremely simple to insert them right in the chat along with a link. Second, chat is automatically updated in real-time – you don’t need to refresh your browser. Third, you can chat directly from the notification page in response to a notification. All you need to do is click the “Discuss” button on the particular notification. Finally, we also added support for “Shift-Enter” and Enter to Send within chats.

Reference Items within Chat

This feature can be a big time saver and allow you to quickly discuss specific items with your client. Say, for example, you are reviewing results for a specific workout you assigned to your client. Maybe you wanted to ask them what they thought about it. You can click a button in the workout called “Discuss this workout in the chat”. Below is an image with this button at the bottom.

personal trainer chat room

That will immediately open the chat with the specific client. It will also include a reference and link to the workout you wanted to talk to. No need to go find the client in the chat list and then explain which workout you are talking about. Everything is automated. The client will also have a link to click on in order to open this workout.

personal trainer chat room discuss

Real-Time Chat

Anytime you or your clients receive a message, their phone will receive a push notification. This lets you send and receive messages immediately. Did you know this is also now possible even when you are logged into the website? As long as you have approved Notifications in your browser, you will see all new messages sent to you immediately in your personal trainer chat room. You will not have to refresh your browser. You just need to ensure that you have enabled browser notifications for within your browser. Here is how to control notifications in Chrome browsers.

Chat Directly From Notifications Page

Many trainers are loving our personal trainer notification center. Now we have made it even more powerful by allowing you to respond to chat messages and discuss notifications directly from that page. This is another feature that makes it faster and easier to communicate with your clients. Additionally, you can also react to notifications and bulk react as well. A bulk reaction allows you to react to all notifications in your dashboard all at once without having to click each one.

personal trainer chat notifications

Send Messages Faster

Lastly, we now allow you to send personal trainer chat room messages by just hitting enter on your keyboard. It really speeds up messaging clients by just hitting enter instead of having to click the enter button with your mouse. At the same time, we also added a way for you to create new lines in your chat messages – to break them up as you would like. Just hit Shift-Enter to create a new line in the same message before sending it.

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