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Guided Workouts on Android and Improvements

Users can now play guided workouts on Android! You as the trainer can create guided workouts on the website and your Android clients will be able to play them now in addition to your iOS clients wanting to play guided workouts. It’s great if you want your clients to be able to follow along with a workout and go through the exercises and rest times along with the video. This can be a fun switch up from normal workouts and is perfect for timed exercise sets or HIIT exercises. In addition to adding this feature to Android, we have also made some improvements to guided workouts on the website.

Creating Guided Workouts

Login to in order to quickly create guided workouts. We also have some existing workout templates that are already set up as guided workouts. Once the guided workout has been assigned to your client, they will be able to play it from any device.

Playing a Guided Workout in the Android App

It’s simple for your client to start a guided workout in the FitSW Android App. They simply open the specific workout and then tap the play button under the workout date seen in the below image.

guided workouts on android

From there the client will see a countdown screen preparing them to start and then the workout will start. The client will then be able to see the below screen for each exercise in the workout. This screen shows how much time the user should be active for each exercise and then how much rest time they should take between exercises. It will countdown so that the clients can follow along in real-time. The screen will also display what exercise is up next so that the client can see what’s ahead.

guided workouts view

There are also controls for the user to reset the time for the current countdown or they can just pause it. Additionally, clients can back out of the workout and restart if they would like by hitting the back button.

Additional Guided Workouts Updates on the Website

As always, your client can also follow a guided workout through their browser instead of the app. They can do this through their laptop or mobile browser. We have also recently made a few improvements to the website’s guided workouts also. First, we now show a preview of the upcoming exercise during rest times. This allows users to prepare for what is next during their rest. Second, we have increased the preview window size so that it’s easier for users to see as seen below.

guided workouts improvements on web

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