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Personal Trainer Page Feature For Trainers

We recently added the option for personal trainers using FitSW Fitness Software to easily create their own custom Personal Trainer Page on and to choose their own page address at  So if your business is called FitnessFirst, you can create your own page at  This allows you to quickly create a simple professional page that features general information on you, the types of services you offer, your specialties, your certifications, and your contact information.  You can then share this page with potential and existing clients that are looking for more information on you.  This page also can be shared across multiple social media platforms – there are Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus share links at the top of the Personal Trainer Page for people to share.

Use Your Personal Trainer Page to Grow your Business

Not only can you share your Personal Trainer Page yourself, we have also partnered with one of the existing personal trainer search sites to create a portal helping people searching for personal trainers online.  You will soon have the option to list your Trainer Page on that portal for clients searching for trainers.

How to Set Up Your Personal Trainer Page

Entering your information to My Page is extremely simple.  While logged in, click on My Page in your menu bar.

My Page can be found on the FitSW Menu Bar right next to "Account"
Click My Page on the FitSW Menu Bar right next to “Account” in order to set up your personal trainer page.

On My Page, you will see the following:

This is the Personal Trainer Page Layout on FItSW. Simply click on the fields you would like to update to create your page.
This is the Personal Trainer Page Layout on FItSW. Simply click on the fields you would like to update to create your page.

Click on the “Enter Value Here” next to “My Page Address” and input your page name.  Then click on the fields you would like to update, enter your information, and your  Trainer Page will be ready.

Let us know if you have any questions or feature requests for this page.

Share Fitness Progress Graphs on Social Media

Share Fitness Progress Graphs on Social Media – New Feature

Today’s recently added feature is the ability to quickly Share Fitness Progress Graphs on social media at the click of a button.  You are already tracking your client’s progress for any metric you would like (weight, body fat %, waist size, number of push-ups in a minute) using FitSW and both you and the client can log in and see these graphs to stay motivated.  Now why would you as a trainer want to post it to social media?  Three key reasons:

  • Increase your clients motivation by showing all their friends how far they have come.  If the client is feeling proud of the progress they have achieved with you so, allowing all their friends to see it and react to it every once in a while is a great way to pump up your clients motivation and help them feel good about all that hard work.
  • Gain new clients from your current client’s network.  Sharing your client’s progress on social media lets your client’s friends connect your client’s self-improvement to you.  They recognize the real results of their friend and are able to see a post from the person who is helping their friend on this fitness journey.  If they want the same results, this posting is the perfect opportunity for them to reach out to you.
  • Show your social media followers the types of impacts you are making.  Your followers will recognize the types of positive impacts you are making on peoples health when you are posting amazing results in your progress graphs for multiple people,

Very Simple to Share Fitness Progress

You and your client have done all the hard work in making their amazing progress, so now how do you share?  Simple.

  1. From your home client list click “Progress Graphs” for the client in question.
  2. You will now be on the Progress page and see their list of graphs.
  3. At the top of each graph will be a blue button that says “Share on Social Media” like below. Click that button.

    Share Fitness Progress Graphs
    Share Fitness Progress Graph. This is a client’s graph through pregnancy – she was able to get back to her goal!  Perfect type of graph to share – “Jane you did it!  Way to go in getting back to your before pregnancy goals!”
  4. You will then have the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus.  Click one and then a box will pop up for you to fill in comments if you would like.  That is it, you are done!  You can even choose to do another social media platform as well after that.

    Share Fitness Progress Graphs on social media.
    Sharing Fitness Progress Graphs on social media.

Let us know how you like this feature and any suggested improvements.

Personal Trainer of the Week – Bill Dunn

Personal Trainer of the Week

Once a week, FitSW highlights one Personal Trainer worldwide that stands out – someone who keeps their clients on track & motivated, and consistently gets results.  We let them share their story and hold a quick Q & A to understand what works for them and what has made them successful.  We feel this gives you a chance to see what is working for these personal trainers.  It also allows us to recognize the personal trainers that are getting real results.

This weeks Personal Trainer of the Week is Bill Dunn.

Bill & His Business

Bill wanted to share this video, as something that really encompasses what our business is all about.

He also shared this story as an example of the type of client he works with and helps succeed.

A very good friend of mine was a great athlete that always stayed active by playing basketball, softball, and lifting weights on a consistent basis. Then his life style changed – he started supporting a family, and everything else was put on hold.

Fast forward 10 years, and I no longer recognized this person from before. 50 pounds overweight, sluggish, not active in anything other than traveling every Spring and Summer for his Son’s baseball team, but nothing cardio or fitness related.

Not sleeping well at night, high cholesterol, bouts with bladder and prostate cancer, nothing like the person I grew up with. What happened I asked?! He said, “I got out of my groove, every dime I make goes towards my family and I do not have enough time to join a gym nor would I know what to do if I was there anyways!”.

I introduced him to the Bushido Fitness program, and everything changed.  If you are over the age of 30, you have to go to our Facebook page, and click the LEARN MORE and/or the MESSAGE button to hear more about this fascinating story.

Question and Answer with Bill

What type of training do you provide?

Within a 6’x6’ square foot area, teach how to perform resistance band and/or bodyweight and/or kettlebell routines within the comfort on one’s home, and within 30 mins or less.  In addition,  instruction on how to eat clean foods.  This a 6-month program that with teach you how to be consistent in both areas.

What type of clientele do you like to work with most and why?

Over the age of 35, married with children.  When you have some many family responsibilities on your plate, wellness is the last thing on your list, when it should be the first.

We educate individuals on how to be the exception, to set an example.  Our belief is – we cannot change the world overnight, but it can be changed one person at a time.  Coaching and encouraging each one so they can eventually pay-it-forward.

What are your clients favorite things about your training style?

We empower our clients on how to stay fit, and eat clean on a consistent basis.  In addition, each plan is tailored to meet their needs.  We do all the thinking and planning, all they have to do is follow what is given to them.  Consistent movement will produce positive results over a period of time.

How do you keep things fresh with your clients?

This is what makes our business so much fun!  By no means is this a perfect science, but there is a process that everyone needs to go through.  98% of our clients are overweight, and extremely out of shape so they are very limited on what they can do initially.  The #1 factor that each client has to have is – determination and the drive to “keep at it.  Our area of expertise is understanding what type variety the individual needs at their current fitness stage, which keeps things fresh and exciting for the client.

What are some of your favorite resources to use as a trainer and why?

FitSW of course!  As well as, videos and monthly face-to-face (or FaceTime) meetings.  People who have a family and/or limited in their time, do not want to think or study what they need to do, but be shown.  Having an app that links directly to our website has been a game changer!

What are your must do’s for your initial consultation with clients?

Understanding their likes and dislikes, as well as, their fitness level.  If someone hates spinach, we cannot add spinach to their meal plan.  If someone hates to run, we cannot add jogging to their fitness plan.  There will be times when our clients will need to eat and/or do something they are not excited about, but this is will be the exception not the norm.

What is your favorite activity with clients to break up monotony?

Monthly face-to-face meetings – these are essential not only for progress measurements, and hands on training, but also to form bonds with the other members – it keeps things “fresh”.

More Info

You can find more info on Bill and the awesome work he is doing here:

Bushido Wellness - Bill Dunn Personal Trainer
Bushido Wellness – Bill Dunn Personal Trainer

He also has a FitSW page:

FitSW Android App Coming This Month

New FitSW Android App

Blog Post Update: The FitSW Android App is now on the Google Play Store here.  See more details here in this newer blog post.

This month, we will be releasing a new FitSW Android app to complement our FitSW website app and our FitSW iOS App. The app will have the same functionality of the FitSW iOS App to start. Going forward we will continue to upgrade both iOS and Android with new features. Please let us know the features you find most important. We will take that into account while deciding what to add first. You can let us know via email at or in the comments section below.

FitSW Android App Beta Testers Wanted

Are you eager to try out the app?  We are looking for beta testers for the FitSW Android App.  As a beta test you would get the first look and be able to try it while providing us feedback to improve.  Let us know if you are interested in becoming a beta tester by emailing or leaving a comment below.

New FitSW Android App coming soon.
New FitSW Android App coming soon.

Copy Workouts & Use Favorites To Improve Efficiency

Copy Workouts

I have a workout that I saved from one client that I want to use for another client.  How do I copy workouts?

This is a question we have seen a few times this week on our Instagram, so we will be adding it to our FAQ.  I also wanted to address it here since this feature is very easy to use and can really improve a personal trainer’s efficiency.  It also gives trainers the option to slightly tweak these copied workouts for different clients.

Copying Workouts from one Client to Another

On your Workouts page every workout will have a Copy button in the Options column:

Copy Workouts button is in the Options Column
View of a workout in a Client’s workout list
  1. Click that Copy Button
  2. You will then see a page that looks a lot like the normal page you create workouts on, except at the top will be a field that says “Copy Workout From (original client) to:” with a field for you to choose one of your other clients.  Select the client you want to copy the workout to.

    Copy Workouts Screen.
    Copy Workout Screen. Top field allows you to select which client to copy to.
  3. Modify the workout as needed on the above Copy Workout Screen.
  4. Click the Copy Workout button at the bottom to successfully copy your workout!

So as you can see copying workouts is easy and adds flexibility for trainers to modify the new workout.  None of this will affect the workout that the trainer is copying from.

Favorite Workouts and Copying

Another very helpful feature a lot of trainers use is the “Favorite” feature which allows Trainers to “Favorite” a workout on the Workouts Page.  The Favorite Button is located a few buttons over from the Copy button in the 1st image above.  This will add the specific workout to a special list called Favorites which can be seen at the bottom of the Client List.

The Favorite list makes it very easy for trainers to copy their Favorite workouts to any clients at any time.  It makes it much easier for personal trainers to store all their frequently copied workouts in the same location without having to click through multiple client’s workout lists to find them.  The Copying process for Favorite workouts is the same as outlined above for copying a workout from one client to another.  Super simple!  Let us know if you have any feedback.

Personal Trainer Software Q & A, Feature Updates & more

Q & A, Feature Updates, and other FitSW Happenings

Hello!  We have been pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and thanks to your feedback we will also be restarting our blog here and will be posting more often as well.  Here on our FitSW blog we will include more information on the latest happenings with FitSW, answering user questions, providing feature updates,  and more.  Please message us with any questions that you have about the software and we would be happy to answer them.

Trainer of the Month

We will also begin to feature a Trainer of the Month in which we identify trainers using FitSW, kicking butt with their business and making a difference with their clients.  If you would like to be considered as a Trainer of the Month please reach out to us.

Other Suggestions

We look forward to any other suggestions of content that you would like to see here on our blog.    Heres to a new day celebrated with a beautiful sunrise:

Wake up with the sun and get your workout done. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise!
Wake up with the sun and get your workout done. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise!