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FitSW Updates 2.19.2021 – Gyms, we have something special for you!


We are upgrading the entire website to increase speed and allow us to add more features. You may have encountered new messages or slight changes these past few weeks as we went through the upgrade process. Thank you for your patience and we are excited to let you know about the additional features that are coming soon!

New Gym Dashboard

Compliance tracking is unbelievably important for any fitness business or professional. That’s why we made it even easier to gain insight to how your clients are doing at your gym.

Gym Overview of Compliance Tracking

Filter graphs by workouts, nutrition, simplified nutrition, and tasks.

Gym accounts can also access compliance charts on each individual trainer, and the overall shared clients between trainers.

Gym compliance tracking for trainers


Embedded videos

First, we brought links into the picture for any extra information you would like to add to your workouts, nutrition, and tasks. Now, if you link to a video for any of those events, it will be embedded right in the workout details.

Embedded workout videos on iOS FitSW Updates

No need for switching between apps to get some insight on proper form or cooking technique. It’s all right here at your fingertips!

Improved Messenger Interface

Streamlined communication between clients and trainers makes for a successful fitness business. Sound appealing?

Upgraded messenger for FitSW Updates

We have increased the message speeds and improved the interface a bit!

More Health Data Tracking

Graphs on graphs on graphs… as time goes on we are adding more health data tracking with information pulled from your wearable technology.

First, we introduced graphs displaying step data. Now, we have enlisted the help of graphs and tables to display activity and heart rate (bpm).

After updating the app, a pop up will appear where you can allow or disallow FitSW to pull data from Apple HealthKit.

Shiny, New Help Center

You have questions and we have all the answers.

We have updated our help center and localized it right in the FitSW domain, so it is easier for you to find on all platforms.

Check it out here:

For anything not covered in the help center, please reach out to!


More features are available for testing in the Android Beta:

  • Settings page now separated by category for a more organized look and feel.
  • Trainers can adjust their push notification settings in the settings page.
  • YouTube videos now play in app for events and exercises. No need for switching between apps to get all the info you need!

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