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FitSW Weekly Updates – Check! 2.5.2021

This week we’re checking off a few boxes with some new design and user interaction updates. Not to mention, we have created some nice new features to help you optimize your workflow!


Don’t you think checking off your to-do list is satisfying? We thought so too. That’s why we updated the client dashboard to allow you to check off your events for the day as you complete them. Now, it’s easier than ever to tackle that to-do list to stay on track with your goals.

Check off the to-do boxes in FitSW

Not only that, but stay up to date with push notifications between clients and trainers. Push notifications seamlessly keep you in the loop on completed or created events, live classes, and trainer-client messages.


The FitSW dashboard is starting to fill out! Clients and trainers can access event pages from the dashboard screen. If you are a trainer and you click on the client’s workouts from the client list in the dashboard, it will open next to your notification feed. This will open the same for clients, but they will be able to access them, from the left navigation bar. More changes in user navigation are to come, so stay tuned!

Trainer View

Workout List from the Personal Trainer's Point of View
New Tasks event page in FitSW
Nutrition Event Page FitSW

Client View

Client View Workouts
Client View Tasks
Client View Nutrition

Welcome Videos

Make the onboarding process a little smoother on your clients by including a welcome video! Upload the video to your favorite medium like YouTube or Vimeo and place a link in the welcome video section of your account settings.

Add a Welcome Video for Personal Training Clients

This video will only appear when clients first log in and can be accessed again from their nav bar on the left side of their screen under the help option.

Screenshot of Help Center and Welcome Video Option

Client Reminder Notifications

You all have spoken and we have listened! Client reminders are here to help keep them on track with their upcoming items. We all have busy lives to live and take care of, so a little extra push (… notification) is always helpful.

Client Reminders check fitsw

Units of Measurement

For our users around the world, we have included a settings option for changing the units of measurement.

Change Units of Measurements in FitSW Settings

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