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Personal Trainer Affiliate & Referral Program Updates

We have updated our personal trainer affiliate and referral program to reward you even more! That means you can get paid significant amounts just for telling others about FitSW. As outlined previously, we make it easy for you to share your very own referral/affiliate link on social media, your website, or anywhere else. It includes your special code so that you can track how many of your referrals actually signed up. So just post your special referral link to your audience, and watch the $ start rolling in.

Earn Even More

Previously you could earn between 10% – 30% of your referrals subscription fees but we have now raised that across the board to 15% – 35%. That means that if you were to refer 5 trainers you could earn ~$300. 10 trainers could be $650. You could earn those amounts by simply sharing on social media or on your website. Here are more details on how your referral payout will be calculated.

Easy to Share

As before, we make it as easy as possible to share your referral link and we give you multiple options. On your settings page, you can simply share your referral link to Facebook or Twitter at the push of a button. Or you can email your referral link by clicking that link. Another option is to just copy your referral link and paste it to your website, forum, or anywhere else.

Personal Trainer Affiliate

This referral link is specific to you so that when someone signs up using your link, you will be able to see this from your referral page. You will also be able to see your earnings from each referral. We thank you for using FitSW, and we want to reward you for telling others about it by making our personal trainer affiliate and referral program easy to take part in. Your referrals help us grow and let us improve our product even further.

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