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Guided Workouts in App

A newly redesigned and revamped guided workout system is now available to FitSW trainers. We all know how valuable a guided workout app can be and now you can use FitSW to guide your clients through your workouts! This system will guide your users through their workouts, help them stay on track and log their results. Additionally, it will ensure that they complete the workout in the recommended time. We created this feature previously, but we have now updated it in the FitSW iOS app. We will first talk about how to make this feature available to your clients. 

Setting up Guided Workouts

As the trainer, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that the exercises in your workout are guided workout eligible. That is a fancy way of saying that each exercise has a number inputted for the “Time” and “Rest” fields. In this workout below, there is no value for those fields. Therefore, the app displays that red message stating guided workout mode is not enabled.

setting up guided workouts

Once we enter in numerical values for those fields, we have turned the red message to green. We now see that we have enabled guided workout mode. The numbers inputted represent the number of seconds.

guided workout eligible workout

A Guided Workout in the Mobile App

Jumping over to the iOS app, you can see the workout details page below. Clients can access the guided workout system by tapping the “Play” button at the top of the workout. 

Guided workout in iOS App

Once a clients taps into the guided workout, they will see an overview of the workout. They are also able to start from a particular exercise by clicking it. Or they can begin from the start by tapping the “Start Workout” button at the top. Clients can access this screen at any point by tapping the back button. The app has paused the workout and the client can see an overview of the workout. 

guided workout mode iOS app

Once the user begins the workout, they will enter the detail screen. This page will walk the client through the different exercises with a timer. Additionally, it will show the values of reps, sets, or other fields the trainer has set. Finally, it will show a place for the client to put in notes of the set. At the bottom (not shown) the app will show the next upcoming exercise. 

workout mode in action

We know this guided workout system will help your clients reach their goals even faster by allowing a seamless and intuitive way to communicate your fitness expertise to them in a way they can follow. This update is another example of how FitSW is always working to improve the tools that trainers have at their disposal. Start working with FitSW guided workouts today!

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