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Android Personal Trainer Messaging Updates

We have just released a new version of the Android app that includes several personal trainer messaging updates. First, Android users can now send and receive video messages through FitSW’s in-app messenger. This is great for trainers that want to send a personal message to their clients. Instead of a wall of text, they can send a video message right from the app.

Second, trainers and clients can now send voice messages through the app. This is especially handy for longer messages that would take time to type out.

Third, Android users can now react to messages with emojis. It’s a time-saver for both trainers and clients to send an emoji in response to a message that doesn’t require them to type things out. Both of these features are also available on the messaging center on our website and in our iOS app. So all platforms now have these personal trainer messaging features.

Sending Video Messages to Clients

As mentioned, you can send a video message from any platform (web, iOS, Android) and your clients will receive it on any platform. If you have an Android device, here is how you send your video message:

Go to Messages. You will see something like the image below.

Personal trainer messages

Click on the “+” button next to “Enter a message”. You will then see a screen like the below – you may need to grant FitSW access to your camera first.

personal trainer messages upload video

You can then choose whether you want to upload an image, a video, or an audio recording. We want to upload a video message so choose the “Upload video” option. You can then record your video and when done click the send button (that looks like a paper airplane). Your client will then receive the message in their FitSW messages screen where they can play it when desired. Your clients can also send you video messages the same way and you can listen to them similarly.

Sending Voice Memos to Clients

Sending voice memos is nearly the same as sending video messages. Follow the same steps except choose “Upload audio.” You will then be able to record your voice and then send the voice memo the same way. Your clients will also receive this voice memo in their messages screen of the FitSW app. They can simply press play to listen. Sending voice messages is very handy and is becoming more and more common.

Reacting to Messages

Reacting to messages works the same way it does on iOS. Next to every message in your message feed is a “+” button seen below. You or your clients can tap these plus buttons and the FitSW app will bring up the below screen.

react to personal trainer message

Choose whichever emoji you would like to react with and it will be attached to the message and sent to your client. They will receive a notification regarding your reaction.

personal trainer message reaction

As you can see in the image above, reactions are shown below the message. This is especially helpful in group messages where users can see how many of each type of reaction there is to a message. This is yet another way to make communications with client fun and efficient.

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