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Travel Pillow Benefits – Stay Healthy While Traveling

Here at FitSW, we want to provide you with fitness insights. With the upcoming holiday, many of us will be traveling and the stress of traveling can have a negative impact on health and fitness. One thing we have found eases the stress of travel, is being as comfortable as possible while flying. A travel pillow can really help here and below are some travel pillow benefits.

Traveling on a plane can be fun. However, going for long-haul flights can sometimes cause stress and health complications, especially when you stay cramped in the seat for long hours. You can avoid this by ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout the journey. One of the ways to achieve this is having a travel pillow as your travel companion.  

Overview Of Travel Pillows

As the name suggests, travel pillows are special pillows that boost the comfort of travelers. Most of these pillows are designed to fit around the neck. That’s why sometimes they’re also referred to as neck pillows.  

People don’t just use travel pillows when traveling, though. Some people, like campers and hikers, use them to aid them as an aid in their sleep. Likewise, if your office chair is uncomfortable, you can use a travel pillow to support your neck and head. This helps improve your sitting experience at the office.  

Travel Pillow Benefits

Benefits Of A Neck Pillow When Traveling On A Plane 

Traveling on a plane means staying in one position with only slight movements or body stretching. Therefore, you’re already tired before you reach your destination. That’s why you need to look for ways to make your in-flight experience comfortable without compromising your health. This is where travel pillows come in. 

Apart from a pillow, you might want to add some other items to your list of travel items. Sometimes you can carry some snacks when traveling on a plane. However, some of these don’t contain all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Taking supplements the day you travel can help with disruptions of your normal diet. If you want to add some to your carry-on list, try companies like Tropical Oasis. By taking vitamins, you are ensuring you stay healthy throughout your journey.  

Here are travel pillow benefits when on a plane: 

Prevents Neck Pain 

Sitting in the wrong posture causes neck strain, so you may feel uneasy for the duration of your flight. A travel pillow aligns your body to the seat, thus improving your posture. This helps avoid neck strain; thus, you may rest easy while sleeping. Neck pain is one major health concern among plane travelers. This occurs especially when a traveler sits in an incorrect position for prolonged hours. 

Prevents Tiredness

Seats are installed very near to each other in most planes. This provides little to no space for you to turn or move your body. Thus, you’re already tired before you even reach your destination. You may prevent this by adding a travel pillow to your travel essentials.  

A travel pillow helps keep you comfortable, thus preventing you from getting tired. Besides, a travel pillow allows you to enjoy good quality sleep. This refreshes your mind, so you’ll arrive well rested at your destination. 

Minimizes Snoring  

No one wants to be the person loudly snoring on the plane. While other factors like drinking alcohol and dehydration can cause snoring, sitting in the wrong position on a plane is one major cause. This occurs when the tongue and other tissues block air from passing freely through the nasal airways.  You can minimize snoring by using anti-snoring devices or changing your sitting position frequently. However, you can reap more benefits by using a travel pillow. A travel pillow helps align your head and neck, allowing your nose airways to open up. This helps prevent snoring.

Mimics Your Home Pillow

Staying awake for long-distance flights and operating on little sleep can negatively impact your health. Some people experience severe headaches or migraines. This can result in poor in-flight experiences throughout your journey. Traveling with a pillow could be the best preventive measure to such a problem. 

Most types of travel pillows could mimic your home pillows. They allow you to get enough sleep like you do when sleeping at home because you are used to having some sort of pillow.

Travel Pillow Health benefits

Prevents Back Pain 

Back pain is another problem you could experience in long-haul flights. This happens when you sit in an uncomfortable position that stresses your spine.  Pressure from a bad posture may even lead to sciatic nerve pain.

Aside from not enjoying your trip, back pain can cost you a lot of money. This is true, especially when pain forces you to visit a doctor for examination and treatment. You may avoid this by bringing a travel pillow with you when traveling. A travel pillow helps align your spine to the seat. This helps prevent back pain, so you won’t incur costs in terms of medical bills. 

Minimize Germs

We all hope that airlines frequently clean headrests on seats. However, they don’t always have time to. Who knows whose head was lying on your seat before you. No matter how you choose to rest your head and face, a travel pillow can be a buffer between your head and face and potentially dirty padding on a seat.


Traveling on a plane can be a fun experience, but you may not enjoy it if you’re not comfortable enough while seated. Therefore, you might want to do all it takes to make your travel experience a memorable one. You can achieve this by supporting yourself with a travel pillow. However, be sure to select the best pillow for your travel needs.

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