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Deactivate a Personal Training Client – New Feature

We recently added the ability for personal trainers and fitness coaches to deactivate a personal training client. This is great for situations where the trainer no longer wants their client to log in but still wants to save their client’s data.

There are a few examples of where this would be useful. First, if a client was going on a short hiatus from training but would likely be coming back. The trainer wouldn’t necessarily want them logging in. Howevey, they would want to save their previous fitness data for when they came back. Second, some trainers might want to create a client’s account and plan out a client’s program ahead of time but won’t want them to log in until they are ready.

How To Mark a Client as Inactive

As usual, we typically add new features to the website before it makes it to our mobile apps. So to mark a client as inactive you need to login to from your phone or computer. To mark a client as inactive, go to the Edit Client screen for the particular client. At the top, in the “Account Info” session there is an “Account Status” section. Switch the switch to Inactive and your client will be instantly set to Inactive.

What Happens when you Deactivate a Personal Training Client

As soon as you mark your client as as inactive, they will not be able to log in to their account. They will NOT receive any type of notification email that they are now inactive. Therefore, you will need to tell them if you would like them to know. None of their information will be deleted though and so you can still view all of their fitness data, just they cannot. In your client list, you will now see them have a red “(disabled)” message next to them as seen below.

Deactivate Personal training clients

Reactivating a Client

As easy as it is to deactivate personal training clients, it is just as easy to reactivate them. Simply go to the same “Edit Client” screen and click the switch back to “Active”. Your client will immediately be able to log in again.

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