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Wearable Technology Data Now Viewable on the Web Dashboard

Personal training clients using FitSW have been able to share wearable technology data with their personal trainer for a while now. The FitSW app will automatically prompt clients to decide if they want to share. They can then decide to grant access so that their trainer can get more insights into fitness activity. This wearables health data is extremely valuable for personal trainers and fitness coaches. That is why we now let personal trainers see this data from the website.

Once given permission, FitSW automatically imports this wearable technology data from Google Fit or Apple Health. At that point, it’s easy for both the trainer and client to view and analyze right there in the FitSW app. We have also recently added the ability for trainers to see this data right there on the FitSW website.

View Client Data Graphs

To view your client’s wearable data graphs, simply go to your dashboard at Then click on the heart icon for the particular client you would like to see. The image below shows this heart icon.

Wearable Technology Data

From there you will be taken to the actual graphs and see something like the below. You can view this data for any client who has granted permission for FitSW to receive this health data. FitSW works with both Google Fit (Android) and Apple Health (iOS). Therefore, it does not matter what platform your clients are using. If they have external devices like Fitbit or Garmin, they can have these devices sync with Google Fit or Apple Health on their phone. Then, FitSW will be able to import that data and display it in the wearable data graphs.

Examining Wearable Graph Data

Depending upon which data your client’s device is collecting, you will see several graphs. Below is an example of step data. Additionally, things like Heart Rate, Body Fat Percentage, and Weight can all automatically be displayed. Your clients just need to have their wearable device tracking them. You can mouse over specific points to get the exact day and value. This is a great way to get more data on your client’s health without any extra work for either of you.

Wearable Graph Data

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