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9 Additional Ways to Generate Revenue as a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, you have many, many options to generate revenue. Starting in the personal training industry, you cannot expect to make the ideal salary. Personal training is a career that every single person has to grow into, put the hard work into, and most of all get creative with.

Here we cover how to make more money as a personal trainer other than your regular 1-on-1 sessions with clients and the typical sales position you often find yourself in. You can get great at selling more sessions and landing more clients through traditional means, but it never hurts to shake things up a bit to generate revenue.

1. Use LinkedIn to Generate Revenue and Leads

LinkedIn Marketing can be a lucrative endeavor if you effectively segment and narrow your audiences. Through different ads on LinkedIn, you can effectively generate more leads for your personal training business and even target people who have a healthy income.

People with healthy incomes are more likely to pay more and refer you to friends who float in the same boat. Often though, it’s important to seek out people whose professions entail sedentary behavior. For example, you could specify one of your audiences as middle to old-aged people in your area who work desk jobs like digital marketing, public relations, web developers, online accountants, and so forth. These people are more likely to have pitfalls in their health routines because of their 9 to 5 and their lack of activity at work.

Going home and relaxing at the end of a long day at your desk can be the biggest relief to mental exhaustion. Many of these people will have families and other pieces to their life that make them less likely to prioritize fitness. Not to mention, you already can gather information about a large factor in many people’s health and fitness levels just by dissecting your leads’ profiles on LinkedIn. Some people may have never worked a laborious job in their lives! They could be running on 10 years or more of office work… their poor bodies!

2. Target CEOs as Clients to Generate Revenue

Using LinkedIn to get started with narrowing your audience to well-paid clients is a great start to this. You will find that a ton of professionals living stressful lives need a trainer’s guidance. Paying for a personal trainer even helps them to segment out the time to make fitness a part of their routine.

Target CEOs to Generate Revenue

Often, CEOs and business owners have difficulty making time to go to the gym or even think about getting fit. This audience is willing to pay good money to help alleviate the issues that come along with being stressed, busy, and tired all the time. If you know what you’re doing then you might just get referred to their other well-paid friends, family, and business colleagues.

A selling point of providing them with personal training could be the sole fact that if they are generally healthier, then they will perform better in the tasks that make them a successful CEO.

3. Give Hairstylists Free Training Sessions

If you could think of any place where word-of-mouth marketing would thrive, then where would it be? In my mind, a hair salon would be the ideal place for starting the ripple of marketing your personal training services. Generate revenue with an increase in client acquisition.

Provide personal training pro bono to a hairstylist who needs it! This will help you to get a positive word out about your training services. If you do not regularly visit the barbershop or salon to get a fresh cut or dye, then you probably know someone who does. If so, then find out where and start there.

Also, leave some business cards or a stack of brochures in the salon. Sometimes social media and our device screens get old while waiting in the lobby of a place of business. The coffee table literature is often still appealing for the average person. With permission from the salon or barbershop, put your training business information in front of their eyes. You be surprised how many leads this generates for your business.

Aside from the physical information, the hairstylist will be happy to share about their new training regimen with their clients.

4. Target People Who Want to Come Out of Quarantine Better

Quarantine was a tough time for many, in many different ways. According to a WebMD study, 47% of women and 22% of men said they gained weight during the shutdown. Sounds like a lot of people who need help reevaluating their routines and their health!

Target People Who Want to Come Out of Quarantine Better

This is an opportunity to grow your client base. Obviously, Covid is not a time to focus on the profit of taking on clients, but rather the additional benefit to the already rewarding nature of getting to change people’s lives for the better.

Throughout the pandemic, the importance of health and fitness was made very clear, especially to those who suffered from serious symptoms of Covid. These symptoms are not just related to the physical effects, but also to the people who lost loved ones, the mental toll that quarantine took, and the economic toll it took on the entire country.

Overall, physical health was only half of the negative outcome. The other half was the mental and emotional ways we had to cope with isolation and the other aforementioned effects of covid. Forming a healthier fitness and wellness regimen coming out of the pandemic can help alleviate the rising statistics of depression and other mental illnesses.

5. Sell Specialized Fitness Programs

As a personal trainer, almost the entirety of your income is generated through active work. So wouldn’t it be nice to supplement your revenue stream with some passive income? Let me answer for you. Yes, it would and you’re probably reading this because you want to know how to make more money as a personal trainer. So listen up.

Specialized fitness programs to generate more revenue

The world of fitness is full of gimmicks and flukes, but you know what you’re doing. Expand on that. Share your knowledge in a way that is completely hands-off for you but still gets you sales and bank account growth. Selling fitness programs is a fantastic way to generate revenue.

Take one day to build out at least 3 fitness programs in FitSW. These programs can come stocked with workouts, nutrition plans, tasks, and automated messages and reminders. Build them out for the lengths of time that you think best suit the overall goal of the program and publish it.

I would recommend building them out in stages. Build out the first month of the programs and market the heck out of them. Tell everyone you know, create ads for them, post it to your social media accounts, post it front and center on your website, and just about any other way that you can attract attention to your trainer page where people can sign up to be your client and purchase their first month of the program.

Selling specialized fitness programs earns you an extra source of income with a completely hands-off approach. The only thing you need to accomplish is successful marketing tactics and pumping out well-planned fitness programs

6. Employ a Hybrid Personal Training Model

Open the doors for more revenue streams by using the virtual fitness landscape to your advantage. The hybrid personal training model allows you to reach clients in person and clients all over the world.

Through the hybrid personal training model, you will have the opportunity for charging more or less for your services depending on what you want to deliver to your virtual clients. You will also have more time to take on more clients. Therefore, you could even charge less, take on more clients, and have a more hands-off approach to training clients. This leaves room and time for more in-person clients if yo\u are well-organized.

It’s most helpful to train clients virtually using a tiered system where you can offer bundles of services and at the base just be an accountability partner for those who need help with the structure rather than the overall full training that you could provide.

7. Employ a Subscription Model

Subscription models help take the worry and stress out of waiting for client payments. When your clients sign up for automated billing, you can monitor exact dates and times for those payments to hit your account. Whereas reminding your clients to pay for their next month or couple of sessions can be tedious and sometimes a difficult task. This also may alter the longevity of the time they train with you.

Have less conversations about when to get paid, and more conversations about upselling subscription plan tiers.

In the case you need to reduce the monthly price for a client, it is always better to provide tiers of service. This way you do not have to lose clients altogether. Instead, you can minimize what you are providing them and still help them reach their goals.

8. Maximize your Time and Value

Maximizing your time and value will save you a lot of struggling in the long run. Your effectiveness as a trainer will define your value and how much you can and should charge per hour for your services.

Are your clients reaching their goals? Are you making an obvious difference in their lives, a difference they are apt to share about? What is the competition (from a business standpoint) in your area charging? Are you able to undercut those prices while still honoring your own value?

9. Become a Corporate Wellness Solution

Corporate wellness is a lucrative endeavor and ties in with the idea of targeting CEOs and people on LinkedIn. More companies are recognizing the importance of supporting their employees health because it makes a huge difference.

When you have more healthy employees, then you have to grant less sick days and their productivity increases. The end goal for any business is to have more productive employees, and the trend nowadays is to do that through progressive means.

These progressive means include hiring a personal trainer or a team of them to teach fitness classes to their employees once a week or more. As a personal trainer, you can even shift your focus entirely on corporate wellness and take on businesses and large companies as clients instead of individuals.


Personal training does not have to become a one-track form of business and income. You have a ton of flexibility for how you can generate revenue as a personal trainer. Your knowledge is of use in so many different ways to people all around the world, so take this information and run with your business down a path of growth and success.

The best part is you will reach more people and have a greater effect on your community by making the effort to grow your business in all these ways. A healthier world should be in your sights, so let’s get kickin’.

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