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Build multi-day programs in 5 minutes or less with FitSW!

Building multi-day programs can be a challenging and very time-consuming process. I would hope that your method for planning out lengthy programs is not on paper. However, if it is, then let me introduce you to a whole new world. If you use Excel for creating multi-day programs online, then just say, “Sayonara!” Here’s how you declutter those hundreds of files piling up on your computer.

Building Blocks for your Multi-Day Programs

Instead of creating spreadsheets and calendars for specific programs, you can create and save all of your workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks right in the FitSW app. These are the building blocks for your programs and they will always be there for you to use. 

Not only can you apply nutrition and workout plans to the program, but you can also employ a bit of habit coaching. Habit coaching is an important part of these programs because maintaining good habits and mindfulness is half the battle of getting fit. 

Add reminders to take some time to wind down after a day at work with a book or some meditation. Whatever the habits may be, the feature is there for you to employ. Tasks are also a saveable building block for programs, so make them once and use them again countless times.

Say goodbye to that all those documents and spreadsheets that have pertinent information in different formats. Everything you create in FitSW is reusable and editable. This lets you spend significantly less time starting from scratch for every single thing you create. 

Let’s say you have a workout that you specifically built for a client to focus on chest and back training. Then, you onboard a new client that has specified that they want to focus on their back. This person had a previous injury that has weakened their back strength. The workout that you spent some time building for the first client just so happened to have an array of exercises that train for back strength.

In the FitSW app, you can copy and paste that workout to the new client and then tweak the exercises as necessary to adhere to what the new client needs. This takes out all of the steps from starting completely from scratch. You can do this for anything you build and however many times you need to. 

You can tweak workouts and nutrition plans as necessary before starting the program build or you can do it during. 

Personally, I like to have all my ducks in a row before starting. But, you never know what might need to change while building out the program.

Regardless, it’s completely up to you to choose the workflow that works best for you!

The importance of making the virtual shift to FitSW lies in automation. Thus, cutting out the time it takes to search and gather information from different files or documents. The best part is that you can make these programs as detailed as an itinerary for a family cruise! After the first creation, you essentially have a completely formatted template for later use. All you have to do is pull out and plug in the little details that need changing later on.

Assigning these programs after they are built just might be the easiest part. New clients? No problem. Send your clients the information they need to set them on track for success as soon as possible.

Check out our help center article for more detailed information on how to build a multi-day program.

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