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Android App For Coaches Workout Updates

We just released a new update to our Android app for coaches that improves workout functionality for coaches and clients. This android app for fitness coaches update includes compact & expanded mode functionality, improved ways of entering workout results, and marking exercises or sets as complete. These are some of the same changes we made to client results entry in our iOS app recently.

Compact And Expanded Workout Mode

As discussed previously, you can create workouts in compact or expanded formats depending upon how you and your clients like to use and interact with them. These new formats are now possible for you and your clients to use on android also. Compact workout mode makes your workouts look more compressed and take up less space on the screen. This is helpful when each set within an exercise is the same – you don’t have different set and rep combinations. Expanded workout mode expands out each set in the exercise into a separate row. This allows a trainer to specify different weights and reps for each set of the same exercise. It allows for more information but also takes up more space and requires more screen scrolling.

You can control this setting from the “Edit Workout” screen for Android, iOS, or the website. Below you can see the Compact Mode switch.

android app for coaches compact

Entering Workout Results

We have also made the results entry easier and more informative. To enter results, you or your client can tap on the particular exercise or set. The app will take you to a results entry page. There you can enter the results for each set. The app will automatically save your data once you hit the back arrow. Another option is to press the Auto-fill button if the results should be logged as exactly what the trainer assigned.

android app for coaches results

The app will save this “results” data. The app will also display this data on the Workout Details page. Clients can enter Results data for every single set when in expanded mode. When in compact mode, you enter results related to the entire exercise instead of by “set”.

Marking Exercise Sets Complete

We have added the ability for users to mark exercise sets as complete now. This allows users to track their way through their workout without forgetting if it’s the 4th or 5th set. It also lets both the trainer and client see how much of a workout they have completed. In order to mark a set as complete, tab the arrow on the right side of the set. The screen will then display an Autofill and Complete button. Autofill will automatically fill in results to match what the trainer had planned. Complete will mark the set as complete and show it as green. See below for an example.

android app for coaches complete

The above changes to the android app for coaches, make it easier for clients and trainers to track progress through a workout. Additionally, it allows users to more easily enter their workout results. Finally, it allows trainers to decide the best way to display workouts to their clients – compact mode or expanded mode.

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