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Client Results Entry Updates iOS

We have just now improved the client results entry on our iOS app for personal trainers and clients to make it easier to use and to make the interface cleaner. Our intention was to make this as intuitive as possible just like our other personal trainer software features. Nevertheless, in this post, we will walk through these changes in detail. These changes also will make it possible to add some new features that are coming down the pipe. More on that later. Please let us know what you think.

Tap on Exercise Set to Enter Results

To enter results, a client can tap on the assigned values of (Reps, Weight, Rest, Time). The app will take them to a screen to enter results data. See screen below.

Client Results Entry Screen

As you can see, the client can enter information for all of the sets (if in expanded mode). They can also see the values that you assigned to them on the right side of the slash. Additionally, they can add in result notes as well. The app will automatically save the data your client entered. So when the client finishes, they can just tap the back button.

Once done, both the trainer and client will be able to see the results right there on the Workout Details screen. The app will show this in the format of “Results” / “Planned”. That way clients and trainers can see these results and planned information clearly right there on this screen. See below for an example with the Barbell Close Grip Bench Press.

Swipe Left to Mark Sets as Complete

Clients can now mark individual Sets as complete (if in Expanded mode) instead of just the entire exercise. We have reduced the clutter from the “Complete” check box and made it swipe functionality. So all your client needs to do, is swipe left on the particular set and they will see the complete option. Once a set is marked as complete, it will be highlighted in green as seen below. It makes it easier for clients to track where they are in their workout.

Swipe Left to mark exercise as complete

Swipe Left to Auto-fill Sets with Results Data

If your client does the exact reps, weight, rest, etc as you had planned for them, there is no need for them to fill all that out manually. They can use the Auto-fill functionality. Auto-fill will automatically fill in results data with all the planned values and mark the exercise as complete. It’s a great way for clients to quickly enter results data if they did exactly what you assigned them.

To use Auto-fill, your client simply has to Swipe Left on the exercise set and tap Auto-fill instead of Complete like they did in the previous step.

Feedback on New User Experience for Your Clients

We made these changes to make the screen look cleaner and also make entering results easier. Let us know what you think and if you have any other requests.

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