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Customize Client Menus in our Mobile App – New Feature

We have an exciting new capability that will make FitSW even easier to use for your clients. FitSW trainers and gym owners can now customize their clients menus! When you customize fitness app client menus, you can choose which features your clients have access to and which you want removed from the app.

We take pride that there are a lot of fitness app features available within our software. We believe in our software adapting to our users (AKA You Guys!). Therefore, we have responded to the needs that you have presented by creating features that help your businesses grow. That being said, we also know that clients can easily be overwhelmed by the multitude of features. Especially, when all they really need to reach their fitness goals are a few select features. This is why we have introduced menu customizations to go along with all the other fitness app customizations we have recently added.

How to Customize Client Menus

You can access this feature by going to the customization tab on the website. 

Customizng Client Menus

From here you can go to the Client App Customization.

Fitness App customization

 From this menu, you can easily drag, drop, remove, add and organize the different features that are available for your clients. If you don’t offer nutrition services, you can remove the food and recipes sections for example. If you don’t like how we’ve grouped the items, you can create your own menu groupings with the items you want. 

fitness app customizing menu

Once you hit save, the next time that your clients boot up their apps, they will see their menu updated to reflect the changes that you made in their fitness app

customize fitness app

This allows for a completely streamlined experience catered directly to you and your clients. This freedom is just one of the many things that puts FitSW on the cutting edge for trainers. We aren’t afraid of giving you the reins and increasing your ability to grow your business. Customize fitness app menus today to make things even sleeker for your clients! It’s like you have your very own fitness app where you can choose which features are most important.

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