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Accepting Payments as a Personal Trainer – Multiple Currency Options!

FitSW has allowed users to accept payments for a while now. Trainers can sell packages, subscriptions, sessions and many other things all through their FitSW Trainer page. We make accepting payments as a personal trainer very easy. Trainers just need to list what they want to sell, setup their payment account, and users can purchase these packages / sessions right with a credit card through the trainers page. The payments will then be sent to the personal trainer’s bank account within 2 days.

Many personal trainers and fitness coaches from all over the world take advantage of the ability to accept payments on our platform. Because of this, a common request has been for us to allow people to list their offerings in different currencies other than United States dollars. Well, we have heard your feedback! We now allow listing your fitness offerings in whichever currency you would like. The current currency options are below, and if there is a currency you would like to sell your services in that is not list, please let us know and we will add it right away.

Multiple Currency Options for Accepting Payments

To quickly get start on specifying your currency, login to the website. Then go to your Settings page and specify your “Default Currency”.

Accepting Payments as a Personal Trainer Currency Options

As you can see we currently allow you to specify your currency as any of the following:

  • US Dollar (default)
  • British Pounds
  • Euro
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • Swiss Franc

These have been the most requested currencies and so that is why we started with those. However, if there is an additional currency you would like to use, we would be happy to add it. Please reach out to us at

Selecting Currencies in the Financials Tab

Above we told you how to set your default currency. You can also specify currencies while you are creating packages, session and subscriptions. To access these features, click on the “Financials” tab on the left navigation menu that you see when logged in on the website.

Specifying Currency for your Package

When you create a new package you can specify the currency:

Specifying Session Rate and Currency

You can also do the same when you are specifying the session rate that you charge that is listed on your trainer page and on FindTrainGain. Here is the page you specify your session rate on:

How FitSW Help’s Trainers Generate More Revenue

Accepting payments as a personal trainer on FitSW’s platform is a key way that personal trainers can generate more revenue. As a trainer or fitness coach, you want to make it as easy as possible for clients to pay you or purchase your services. FitSW does this by making it simple to set up an account and simple for you clients to pay you via credit card. Here is more information on how to get setup to start accepting payments from personal training clients.

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