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Fitness Client Notes on iOS

Last week we added the ability to add personal trainer notes on our client calendar. We have now added this capability to iOS as well. This allows Fitness Coaches to take notes on their clients that their clients won’t see. For example, say a trainer wants to add a reminder next Tuesday to congratulate their user on their 6 month anniversary of working out. With fitness client notes, the coach can easily add the note to that specific client’s calendar. The client will not see it, but the coach will when they view that particular client’s fitness program.

Adding Fitness Client Notes

The fitness client note for a particular client can be added in the web app or in the mobile app for trainers. On iOS, simply go to the calendar for the specific client and tap the “Add Event” button as seen below. Then select the date that you want the notes to display on, along with the actual note. Once you tap save, the app will add the note to the client’s calendar on that date.

fitness coach notes

View Notes

Once you add your note, you can see it on your calendar with a note icon. You can add notes from the web app for personal trainers, or from your phone. Either way, it will look like the below image.

fitness coach notes view

You can then tap on the note in order to view the whole note. You can also change the date on which you want to see the note.

Notes Summary

As mentioned, this new fitness client notes feature allows you to save notes to your calendar. However, you can still use the original notes feature that is accessible through the “Edit Client” screen. That feature works just like it always did but now those notes have the additional functionality of being added to the calendar. Below is the image of the Notes feature accessible through the “Edit Client Info” screen.

original coaches notes

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