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Best Among Payment Platforms for Personal Trainers

We have recently made several changes that make us the best of the best payment platforms for personal trainers. First, we reduced the transaction fee a full percent down to 2.9% total! This is the best in the industry and far lower than other payment platforms for personal trainers. That way you can keep more of your client payments. Second, we have revamped your custom personal trainer website. Not only can you still sell packages, subscriptions, packages, and sessions. Now we have made this page highly customizable. You can make it match your brand and make it look great for your clients. This helps you sell your services easier by looking more professional and making it easy for clients to pay you. Third, we have added several personal trainer payment dashboard updates to make it easier than ever to manage your payments.

Reduced Transaction Fee

Accepting credit card payments is among the easiest ways to accept payments from your clients. Especially when you are utilizing subscriptions (the best way for trainers to handle payments from clients). In order to accept credit card payments, you have to rely on a payments processor. FitSW works with a well-known payment processor (Stripe) and we handle this for you. We have built this payment processing right into our platform so that you can get paid right on your trainer page with minimal setup.

Payment processors do charge transaction fees (because credit card companies charge them). We don’t charge any transaction fees ourselves so the only fee you will pay as the trainer is the 2.9% credit card processing fee that our payment processor charges.

Most other payment platforms for Personal Trainers charge well over 3%. We are leading the industry by reducing this so you can keep more of your client’s payments. This reduction applies to all payments subscriptions, packages, sessions, and custom payments.

Client Payments Right On Trainer Page

As mentioned, your clients or potential clients can make payments to you right on your personal trainer page. This page is customizable and optimized so that accepting payments is easy. We will discuss the new trainer page features in our next post but suffice to say, we have made the personal trainer page much more customizable. Making payments for clients easier is key to increasing your revenue and that is why we have placed a lot of our focus here.

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