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Customizable Personal Trainer Website Improvements

We have now added several customizable personal trainer website improvements. Every FitSW trainer gets their own personal trainer webpage that we call a Trainer Page. We have added new templates for these trainer pages that trainers can choose from. Additionally, trainers can customize each template with their own background color, text color, and button color. As always, trainers can use these trainer pages to sell packages, sessions, subscriptions, and more. It’s very helpful for accepting personal trainer payments. These customizations allow you to create a polished and professional webpage to attract new clients and inform existing ones. Additionally, it allows you to be discovered through Google searches or through FindTrainGain.

Updating your Trainer Page

To get started updating your personal trainer website/webpage, go to your Then, on the right side you will see a section called “Personalized Page”. You can make updates to your page in that section including the page address. Additionally, you can click the “View Page as Others See It” in order to see what your page looks like.

personal trainer website update

New Personal Trainer Page Templates

You now have four different trainer page templates to choose from. Specifically, each template has a different layout and different images that go with it. You can choose any one of these four by clicking on it. Subsequently, your page will switch over to that template. Then, you will also be able to customize each template further.

Customizing Your Personal Trainer Website Colors

You can customize your background color, button colors, and text colors on your trainer page. On your profile page below the Template selection section, you can specify these colors. Subsequently, the changes will take effect immediately so that you can test different looks of your webpage. These customizations let you set up your personal trainer page exactly the way you would like.

Other Customizations

As always, you can customize what your trainer page says. You can specify your headline, the services you offered, and your location. Secondly, you can specify which contact information you want to display. Additionally, you can specify general information about your business, your specialties, certifications, and client testimonials. Finally, you can include any links to your social media.

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