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How Fitness Brand Photography Works

Nowadays the fitness industry involves people who are keen to train and become healthier. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s lives changed. Many people have fallen behind on their fitness goals.  Utilize fitness brand photography to re-engage these people with your fitness brand.

According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, a healthy person should have a moderate level of physical activity each week. A moderate level of physical activity should be 60 minutes per day. This will enable them to maintain a healthy weight, bone structure, and muscles. 

Personal trainers and Fitness brands need to work on visual communications and representation to engage more people in fitness activities. 

In this article, we discuss how fitness product photography works. We will also cover how you can take your fitness photography to the next level.  Four key ways of doing this are:

  1. Creating an emotional connection with the audience
  2. Engaging popular people aka influencers
  3. Focusing on creativity and brand awareness
  4. Presenting Meditation and Yoga as a lifestyle

Emotional connection with the audience

Fitness product photography is one of the major sectors in the fitness industry. Many fitness brands focus only on their brand name and values. However, it is helpful to focus on emotional appeal to involve more customers. 

People with some fitness experience may be easier to engage. However, there is a huge potential audience who may not have any fitness experience. This audience may be harder to reach. That is why you need an emotional appeal as an approach. 

Emotional appeal is a key to engaging more customers. However, your brand should be aware of certain norms. For instance, some fitness brands use the slogan “You are what you eat”. This slogan might be motivational for some but others might need some additional information. To further expand on your message you can create direct connections with your customers for additional communication. You can do this by using email marketing with the help of email automation tools. This will enable you to share reminders, essential announcements, and sales. 

As a fitness brand you need to be aware of your audience, and pay careful attention to their reactions. Fitness brand photography is directly connected to human beings, their emotions, feelings, and well beings.

Fitness Brand Photography Tips

  1. Many popular fitness brands include plus-size models to help demonstrate their values. It also signals to people that their brand stands for everyone.  
  1. Successful companies humanize their brands. They connect their fitness brand photography with human beings. They use motivational slogans and words in their photography. 
  1. Another key point is diversity, which includes models of different sex, age groups, skin colors, and body types. 
  1. Using an emotional scene will help to engage more audiences, as some people have been there. For instance tears of happiness, disappointment, or fearless smiles evoke a reaction from the audience. They also include models that represent their brand. Key points for fitness brand photography success are diversity, inclusion, and values.
  1. Many fitness companies create pictures of important occasions in people’s lives. You can be super creative here, and bring your own approach. For instance, you can organize a photo book based on fitness styles, including several fitness movements and fitness looks. Try BeFunky for creating different photo effects for your fitness pictures.
Young Man and Woman Training in Fitness Club. Man with Athletic Body. Healthy Lifestyle and Sport Concepts. Young Woman in Training Club. Active Indoor Training. Sport Equipment in Club.

Engaging popular people like influencers

Fitness influencers could lead fitness brand photography to the next level. However, fitness brands need to conduct audience research to understand their niche. This enables them to include the right people in their fitness photography.

Often the right influencer will be someone who promotes healthy lifestyles, taking care of ones-self, and self-love. This type of influencer is often a better fit than those who suggest crazy diets. Or others that suggest unhealthy ways of losing or gaining weight. Even if the person has millions of followers, it does not mean that they are the right fit.

How to engage influencers for your fitness brand photography

  1. Influencers can be valuable in your product photography. Define the value and message that you need to deliver before deciding which influencer you involve. 
  1. Describe your services through your product photography. Show what you offer with pictures and text combined.
  1. Focus on actions. Do not make the influencers pose like any other brands. Show actions, movements, and the presence of the influencer in a cohesive message. You are including the influencer not just because the person is famous. They also have a message to share with your audience.
  1. Besides presenting your fitness products, share other topics on your blog or social media. Starting with healthy nutrition ideas or some fitness tips. Include influencers in your blog images. Include products and improve delivery services.

Focus on creativity and brand awareness

Creativity is the root of successful fitness brand photography. Many brands all over the world provide the same service, but they have all focused on certain areas. Two different brands in the fitness industry may be vastly different. One brand may on healthy nutrition and diets while promoting exercise, while another one may focus heavily on bodybuilding. 

Fitness brand photography follows the niche of the audience. The people who are subscribed to your website or social media may help guide what niche to focus on. Creativity will help to develop brand awareness and engage more people in the niche you choose. Employees are also the main actors of your brand. Modify their duties, and benefits to help shape this. Ensuring they are part of a healthy working environment will be beneficial to them and your brand. Involve your employees in fitness brand photos, as they are the main people that represent your brand.  You can even provide employee appreciation gifts to further motivate them. If needed, you can also use employee time tracking.

Brand awareness in fitness brand photography is more about presenting values, rather than perfect bodies. Think creatively and present graphic design to illustrate the power of human imagination and body. Show that our bodies do not have limits even though some people create limits for our bodies. Be inclusive and respectful with your audience. 

Present Meditation and Yoga as a lifestyle

Nowadays people try to figure out which type of sports they enjoy. Those that they enjoy often can become a lifestyle. In your fitness brand photography, you can present yoga and meditation as key parts of your lifestyle. 

Yoga can work for everyone, especially restorative yoga could be beneficial for those people who have crazy work routines. Highlight the benefits of yoga and meditation. Show how they can become a part of a person’s lifestyle. People can include yoga in their routine and still not feel tired. In fact, they may feel rejuvenated.

Fitness brand photography for yoga and meditation

  1. Be simple, but be unique. Yoga is about human beings, with all the imperfections, ups, and downs. Simplicity is often more powerful than fancy, perfect photos.
  2. Focus on your services and provide value with visual representation. Think about how your offering improves people’s lives, how it is unique, and why it is worth trying.
  3. Pick a good location. It will be an important central theme in your photography. Do not be afraid to organize shots in nature, next to seas, lakes, streams, or rivers.
  4. Through your photography try to show the limitless opportunities of yoga and meditation. They are for everyone and it’s important to show that. Some people feel uncomfortable starting an exercise program. Here is your chance to provide the flexibility of yoga in your fitness brand photography.

There are no hard limits in fitness brand photography. It works based on the needs of the audience, models, and costumes. However, creative and emotional appeals always stand out to the audience. Remember that it is essential to focus on your brand values and simplicity. Be simple, gentle, be you.

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