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How To Track Client’s Progress and Why It’s Important

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Tracking progress, whether it’s for yourself or for your personal training clients, is an important part of obtaining each party’s respective fitness goals. Additionally, with the rise of personal training software, its easier than ever to track clients’ progress. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of progress tracking, the reasons why it’s so important, and how to track your personal training client’s fitness progress. Here are a few reasons why tracking fitness progress is so imperative:

  • Helps you keep your clients’ goals at the forefront of your mind
  • Shows how your client is performing
  • It can be used as a great motivational tool
  • It can help you hold your clients accountable

Different Forms Of Progress Tracking

There are multiple ways you can track your client’s progress. Better yet, it has become much easier in the past few years with the use of personal trainer software. Below you will find the 3 main ways you can track your client’s progress.

Exercise Progress Tracking Graphs

Tracking your client’s workout results are an important part of making sure they stay on track, as well as showing them how much they are improving. When you first start training a new client, it’s imperative you get a baseline of data to start with. After this, you can adjust their workouts and weights accordingly. Once your client has completed a few workouts and entered the results of those workouts, that data will be automatically inputted into exercise progress tracking graphs. Both you and your clients can see these graphs. Additionally, you can print or email them any time!

Body Measurements & Assessment Tracking Graphs

how to track clients progress using assessments

Taking initial body measurements and performing assessments is another great way to track your client’s progress. Body measurements include things such as bicep, calf, hip, forearms, hips, and waist. Additionally, assessments include items such as flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. These are all essential items you should do with initial clients and track over time. It will show both you and your clients how much they are improving, what areas they need to work on, and helps them see how close they are to obtaining their goals.

Progress Photos

Progress photos are a great way to track client’s progress. Not only is it a fantastic way to show how much they are improving, but it can also be a powerful tool to use to grow your business. Posting these photos (with your client’s permission of course) will show other potential clients that you can actually help them reach their fitness goals. Progress photos are great for you, your clients, and for your fitness business.

How To Track Clients Progress Using FitSW

Tracking client’s progress using FitSW is simple and takes less time than you think. Whether it’s our exercise progress graphs, body measurements & assessments, or progress photos, its simple to track your client’s progress.

Exercise Progress Tracking Graphs

When your personal training clients enter their data for an exercise, our system will automatically put their information into beautiful looking graphs and tables. All you need to do is look at the data, it’s that easy!

Body Measurements & Assessment Tracking Graphs

While you or your clients have to take the initial body measurements and assessments, you can enter this data with a few clicks of a button! After you enter these assessments, our software instantly puts into graphs and data tables that you can print or save to your devices.

Progress Photos

Progress photos are a great way to prove to your client that you are getting them results. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic tool to use for social media because it increases your credibility. Using FitSW, you can upload and compare photos in seconds. Either you or your clients can upload progress photos, so you never have to have back and forth emails or messages in order to upload one.

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