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Create a Fitness Challenge in FitSW!

Competition can be your best friend in the personal training business, especially through a fitness challenge. You may have to get a little bit creative, but competitions, contests, and challenges are a great way to spread the word about your fitness business. Not only are you the one spreading the word about the competition, but when people are put into a competitive landscape, then they are apt to share about it with their friends and family.

FitSW gives you all the tools you need to create and manage a fitness challenge. 

First off, don’t worry about how your clients will pay to enter the challenge. We’ve got that covered for you as FitSW is integrated with Stripe. This means you can control how your clients will pay to enter the challenge however you please. You can sell packages, subscriptions, sessions, and take one-time payments all within the app. 

Communicate about your fitness challenge with clients

Let’s look at the communication aspect of hosting a multi-day challenge. In the app, you can create and manage a blog to give daily information and advice to your clients. This is a great method for keeping your clients updated about information for the challenge. Also, your clients will receive an automated email every time you make a post to the blog. 

Moreover, you can send direct messages to clients in the app. Therefore, your clients won’t ever miss a beat when you need to update them.

Communicate about the fitness challenge with your clients right in the app.

Communication = check!

Design and apply the fitness challenge to clients

What about the nitty-gritty of the details of the challenge itself? 

That’s where our multi-day program feature comes into effect. In short, you have the ability to create a detailed program that outlines nutrition guidelines, fitness guidelines, measurement and progress update guidelines, and any sort of habit coaching that you would like to implement. 

Whatever your challenge entails, you can include it and easily assign it to all of your clients Refer to our blog on how to build a multi-day program in 30 minutes flat for more details on how to build a program.

This makes it easy to outline the day to day events and activities you want to include. Automating the process of creating programs like this has many benefits for you as the trainer and host of the challenge. You can spend less time putting together the details and more time recruiting clients for the challenge. 

Track clients’ progress

Now throughout the fitness challenge, you need to measure your client’s progress. If for any reason you are not doing this, then I would highly suggest you do! Tracking progress is extremely valuable in establishing your credibility. Clients want results, so having a history of getting people the results they want will give you content to market yourself with.

FitSW has many features for tracking progress! You can customize the metrics you want to measure throughout the challenge. Each metric you create will be associated with a graph and a chart. Each time you add progress, the chart and graph will update with the new information. Therefore, you can save the time of muddling through different documents to find a progress tracking sheet. It is all right there for you to update and manage in the app. 

This is how all of the progress data points are charted.

Also, photos are an important method for tracking progress. You and your clients can upload photos to track their progress over the course of the challenge. 

Use progress to share on social media

With all of this progress tracking, it is important to share about it! The best part about having responsive graphs and charts made for progress is that it makes for shareable content. Both you and your clients can share the progress they are making throughout the challenge. 

This is great for your testimonials and overall content marketing with real results. When people are participating in a challenge, half the competition and excitement are sharing about what they are completing. This shows others the experiences you offer and the guidance you can provide as a trainer. 

Create a series for this content that you can track through a hashtag. This will help people more easily find the content related to your challenge and your personal training business. Hashtags make sharing easy and they’re so easy to employ in your content marketing. Also, you are more likely to have your challenge go viral if you use a hashtag. 

If you have a challenge go viral, then you are set for a while. Say goodbye to finding clients! They’ll be losing their minds trying to employ you! 

Just get creative and have fun with it – bottom line.

Growing your fitness business is about efficiency and effectiveness. All the tools you need to host a successful challenge are right here in the FitSW app. So try it out and share with us the creative and fun ways you are engaging with your clients through the FitSW app!

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