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Personal Trainer Scheduling Software – New Features!

New Personal Trainer Scheduling Software Features

FitSW has just released new personal trainer scheduling software at  This scheduler / calendar adds several new features over the existing scheduler.  Improvements include:

  • Clients can now request appointment times on a Trainer’s calendar and the trainer can accept or decline.
    • Trainers can block off Personal / Unavailable times to prevent clients from requesting times that don’t work
    • Clients can see a Trainers schedule but they will only see their appointments with a trainer.  All other times (Personal or other appointments) just show as Unavailable.
    • Clients can see open times and request an appointment at the click of a button.  Trainers are notified via on their calendar and via email of the request.
    • Trainers can Accept or Decline an appointment request.  Clients will be notified on their own schedule and via email.
  • Day, Week and Month views are all available.
  • New repeating appointment options are now available.

How To Use the New Personal Trainer Scheduler

  1. Access the new scheduler at
  2. To create an appointment or event double click on the area of the calendar where that appointment should be (on a desktop computer you can also use click and drag.)
  3. Optional: Enter in your unavailable times (utilize the Repeat Event function to make this easier).
  4. Create any appointments you would like for you to have with specific clients.
  5. Let your clients know that they can access their version of the scheduler at the same address with their login:  They will see any appointments that you have created with them.
  6. If you want them to schedule appointments with you, tell them to find open times on your schedule and double click to create a request.  You will receive an email notification of an appointment request.  If you log in, you will then see these requests on your calendar.
  7. Double click on event requests (they will be green) and you will have the option to Approve or Decline.  Your client will be notified of the decision.  If approved, the appointment will stay on your schedule and turn from green to blue to signify going from an appointment request to a confirmed personal training appointment.  If declined, the appointment will be removed from your calendar.
  8. To edit an appointment, double click on it and make changes.  Your client will see the changes in their schedule and be notified via email.
  9. To delete an appointment, double click on it and click delete.  Your client will receive a notification and the appointment will be removed from their calendar.
  10. To View Day View, Week View, Month View, just click the buttons in the upper left.
  11. To View a different week, click the arrow buttons in the upper right next.

Trainer and Client Schedule Views

Below is what the Trainer sees:

  • Black is their unavailable times they have created
  • Blue is their appointments with Clients
  • Green is the appointments that Clients have requested but the personal trainer has not yet approved.
Here is what the trainer sees with the Personal Trainer Scheduling Software
Here is what the trainer sees with the Personal Trainer Scheduling Software. Click to Enlarge.

Below is what the Client sees:

  • Gray is the times that their trainer is not available (notice details aren’t shared with the client like they are on the trainers calendar)
  • Blue is their appointments that this specific client has with their trainer
  • Green is the appointments that this Client has requested but the personal trainer has not yet approved.
Here is what the Client sees when looking at the scheduler.
Here is what the Personal Training Client sees when looking at the scheduler.  Click to Enlarge.

Demonstration of Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

Here is a demo of the personal trainer scheduling software in action.  This video show the calendar from the Personal Trainer’s view and from two of the Trainer’s Client’s views.  Make sure to watch at full-size at max HD so that you can see the details clearly.

The link for this video is

6 thoughts on “Personal Trainer Scheduling Software – New Features!

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  • Can clients schedule and cancel appointments inside the App? Or is that only for when on the website?

    • Jessica

      Clients can schedule and cancel appointments on the website from any device including phones and tablets. We currently do not have that capability built into the iOS app, but the client can just pull it up via the website on their phone instead. We are also adding it to the iOS app soon though.

      • Nazar Imamov

        would be great if you can put more time not only from 5 am to 11pm , 24 hour would be perfect, and if you can make it more stable calendar such as google calendar.

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  • Making the calendar link with Apple and google calendars would be a great plus.


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