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Featured Personal Trainer LaRita Laktonen-Ward

Featured Personal Trainer LaRita Laktonen-Ward

This week’s Featured Personal Trainer LaRita Laktonen-Ward has done amazing work helping her clients achieve their goals both onstage and in their personal lives. LaRita develops nutrition and training plans for amateur and professional male and female clients that compete in everything from bikini to bodybuilding. Prior to her natural bodybuilding career, she has been nationally qualified in NPC bikini. She has been a professional figure competitor since 2015 and holds a PNBA Pro Figure Universe champion title, 3rd and 4th in Natural Olympia Pro figure, 2nd at PNBA Team USAs, as well as most recently the OCB Pro Bowl overall figure title.

Online Personal Training Business

LaRita’s business, Tru Life Fitness, provides online:

  • Contest prep coaching
  • Individualized weight management or performance based nutrition plans
  • Goal focused training that include individualized strength and cardio plans
Featured Personal Trainer LaRita Ward's Business TruLife Online Personal Training and Coaching
Featured Personal Trainer LaRita’s Business TruLife Online Personal Training and Coaching

Q & A with Featured Personal Trainer LaRita Laktonen-Ward

What do you like about online training and what are your clients favorite things about it?

As I’m learning more about the capabilities of an online trainer, I am liking it more and more and utilizing more features. With my online coaching, I do weekly check-in’s for accountability, but I absolutely love that I receive an email when a client completes a work out, which increases the accountability to another level. My clients love the convenience of the app and the links to video tutorials.

What’s been the most effective method of finding new clients to work with and why?

Most of my clients come from word-of-mouth and I never worry too much about recruiting new clients. There will always be individuals who want to better themselves, gain muscle, cut fat, or set new goals and they are out there looking for someone to give them guidance, motivation, and assistance. When you treat your clients with respect, are attentive to them, and they get results, they are your best advertisement.

What do you think are some of your most valuable skills that lead clients to enjoy working with you?

I would say the most valuable skill I have is leading by example. In order to be successful in the field, you must continuously learn, be professional, admit your mistakes, and practice what you preach. Skills that are important when working with clients are motivational interviewing, patience, understanding, goal setting, and follow through.
Featured Personal Trainer LaRita can help you Achieve Your Goals.
Featured Personal Trainer LaRita’s online coaching and goal based training.

LaRita’s Personal Training Social Media

Featured Personal Trainer LaRita's TruLife Fitness and Personal Training Business
Featured Personal Trainer LaRita’s TruLife Fitness and Personal Training Business

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