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FitSW Updates 6.11.2021 – New Logo and More!

We have a new logo! As FitSW Fitness Software evolves, we figure the look and feel of the brand should evolve too.

You can expect the new logo to appear on the web app and on the mobile apps. The icons have changed to show the new logo, but we are considering polishing the app icons a bit more…

We will make an announcement for our final decision on the new app icons!


New Event Calendar

Agendas are one of the most helpful tools to have for keeping track of the day-to-day. Otherwise, things get lost in the mix and it can feel like you just can’t catch up. For trainers, an organized calendar or agenda is almost more than a necessity. To efficiently do the job and do it well trainers must keep up with multiple clients on a daily basis to keep them accountable and on track to reach their goals.

Event Calendar to Better Visualize Client Assignments
Check out a client’s assignments in a monthly calendar view!

Therefore, we thought you might appreciate a nice overview of all your clients’ assignments on a day-to-day basis with an event calendar. From here, you can add an event and you can navigate to the event details to make any necessary changes. Toggling between the month and the agenda options allows you to either view in calendar form or list form.

Either way, stay up to date with everything you need to know about your past and upcoming clients’ assignments.

New Event Editor

The event editor has an all-new look! It has all of the same functionality as the old event editor with more streamlined navigation and editing. Clicking on the Exercise + button will pull down the exercise list where you can quickly search and add exercises as you see fit.

New Event Editor [web]

You can select and drag single exercises or superset groups up and down in the list to your desired order. Simply click and hold the left side of the card. All of the original buttons for the %RM calculator, exercise history, exercise demo video, and the demo image are nested in the button with three dots on the right side of the exercise.

%RM Calculator Button In Workout Editor

The blue and red circles indicating exercise and cardio represent the color difference between the cardio exercises and all other exercises.

Exercise and Cardio Workout Indicators


Similar to the web app, trainers can view each client’s compliance from the client list in their Android dashboard. Easily stay up to date with the ins and outs of what your clients are completing out of their assignments.

Compliance Charts in Client List on Android

To view their compliance charts in detail from the client list, you simply need to long-press on the client’s name card and they will appear. Compliance from each event type will be displayed underneath their name.

Detailed Compliance Charts for All Event Types

Download the FitSW Android app on the Google Play Store Today!

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