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New Version of FitSW iOS App Released: 1.34

New Version of FitSW iOS App Released: 1.34

We have released a new version of our FitSW iOS App that can now be downloaded on the app store here,  This version adds improvements for Diets, made certain buttons more clear, fixed a few bugs, and removes the instabug “shake to report problems” pop-up that some of our users felt was intrusive.  Since we have removed the “shake to report problems”, please contact us directly at   We are hard at work on more improvements for our 1.35 release with many of the features and improvements that you have suggested to us.  Please keep those suggestions coming.   Summary of updates in the FitSW iOS App 1.34 revision include:

FitSW iOS App version 1.34 Updates

  • Remove Instabug “shake to report problems” pop-ups
  • On the Diets tab, enabling correct counting of calories for foods based on the specific quantities entered by user.
  • In Diets tab, we now require the quantity entered to be a number which we then use to calculate the calories of the foods in the diet.
  • Within the Workouts tab, fixing issue where when editing workout demo link would sometimes be incorrect.
  • On iPhone 5s, we fixed the issue where the notes section, when editing a workout’s exercise, was not displaying properly.
  • In Clients, Workouts, Diets, and Assessments tabs, updated Done buttons to make it more clear as to what is being done (Adding a new instance or Updating an existing one).
FitSW iOS App 1.34 New Version Released
Screen shots of FitSW iOS App

Future FitSW Fitness Software Improvements

We are still on track to release our brand new Android App at the end of this month.  Our testers and some users are currently testing a beta version.  If you would like to be a beta tester please email us or leave a comment.  We also have many updates on the web version of the app coming to that we will keep you updated on.  Please keep sending your suggestions on this as well.

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